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Two of my favorite porn stars, Manuel and Veronica team up for this hot MF scene.  With these two involved, you know the action will be superb.  Veronica gets him warmed up by sucking his huge uncut dick like a fuckin’ BOSS.  Guys send this shit to your girlfriends for an example of a superb blowjob.  Veronica don’t fuckin play games.

Some sexy anal fucking and squirting follows, with Manuel giving her his signature animalistic fuck style.  The kind of fucking I know women go for; this dude is so popular with the chicks.  Seriously, if you want your woman to watch porn with you, show her a MF scene featuring Manuel Ferrara.  You’re welcome in advance.  

She licks his ass hole at 10:34 like every good girl should.  Again fellas… show your wife this video for how a woman should eat ass.  He fucks her brains out some more and then blows his wad on her face.

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This outdoor Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature starts off with just some rough 1-on-1 play, and at 24:30, they’re joined by Zenza.  Reverse cowgirl DP @ 29:17.  Check out the lucky hand action @ 30:25.  These guys clearly have no proximity limits.  More DP @ 32:00.  Holy shit… look at that lucky hand @ 35:12!  YES!  Don’t miss the double anal @ 38:00.

At 40:12 one of the guy starts slapping her cheek while his buddy’s cock is inside her mouth.  Hot.  More reverse cowgirl DP @ 43:10.  Double anal again at 43:40.  Face sitting @ 45:40.  She rims more ass at 47:13.  The double anal just keeps on fucking going.  She gets an anal creampie at 56:35 followed by a couple of facials.  It’s a shame that the guy on the right moves out of the way of a potential good FF at 57:34.  Wimp.

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I had to find a way to incorporate a film with European bodybuilder Marco Vegas into this site.  So here it is!  Watch in the first scene as he pounds away at Sherly’s pussy on a balcony.  Really hot scene.  Anybody into seeing petite girls fucked by big, dominant guys will dig it.  If you skip to about the 70 minute mark, you’ll see him again in an orgy scene with Shawn Kane, Sherly and Sexy-Jane88.  It’s a hot scene, but my search for a DP scene with Marco continues for you guys…

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Hot outdoor MFM fuck.  Save for the awful dubbing.  Horst joins the fun at around 7:30.  They spit roast and DP her a bit before the double facial at 14:40.  Watch as Pascal (on the right) hits Horst with his wad for a fantastic friendly fire cumshot.  Later she double sucks and jousts their dicks together.  Fuck yeah!

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Nacho up to his usual antics.  He gives her an anal reverse piledriver at 21:45 and at 27:00 he gets in his new favorite position… the Amazon.  He likes the submissive play.  Just look how he spreads ‘em for her.  Love how long the amazon position fucking goes on.  Fucking hot.

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Here’s another hot, sloppy gang bang clip from Creampie Ronja.  Man, I love this tramp!  She sure loves creampies.


Holy goddamn FUCK!  Way too short, but incredibly fucking hot!  I need more of her in my life.  Really nice outdoor German sloppy seconds fucking.  Oh… what was up with the few guys who came on her face!?!  Dude… y’all came to the wrong fucking party!

This one’s not for the faint at heart.  ***ROUGH WARNING***  In this scene, a brunette is left hog-tied out in the middle of the woods before a gang of horny men appears to use her holes.  My buddy who sent this to me pointed out the 1:00 mark to me and how nonchalantly Mr. Pete runs up behind and hugs John Strong like it’s no big deal.  A slight show of bromance there.

They spit roast the fuck out of her next before the anal fuck fest begins around 12:00.  The first cowgirl DP begins at 13:55.  Reverse cowgirl DP @ 18:55.  Ball slapping at 21:00.  And even though there aren’t really any sloppy seconds here (sadly), we definitely get more than one creampie at the end.

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