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You know I love my French porn.  So seeing this Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature should come as no surprise.  The spit roasting that commences at 12:23 is spectacular!  Like at 13:00.  Not gonna lie, as a pierced man myself, I love it when I can find porn featuring other pierced guys.  It’s like a special fraternity or something.  If you put a needle through your dick you would understand.  Moving right along…

Finger proximity @ 22:42.  The DP you’ve been waiting for finally happens at 29:10.  Air-tight seal @ 30:30.  Cumshots begin @ 36:23.

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Italian porn can be so homoerotic.  At 2:10 we see the men sitting on couches jacking off as she plays with her toys.  Notice the men’s legs overlapping at 3:26 as she blows them.  At the 4:25 mark, one of the guys’ arm goes around the other.  Bromance.  She then sucks the men’s cocks and at the 9:50 mark you can see the men’s legs overlapping again.  No big deal.

She eats man ass at 15:55.  Finger proximity and lucky hand at 19:46.  Tandem fucking at 29:30.  Near miss cum begins to fly shortly after 36:50.

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Frank Gun, James Brossman, Titus Steel share Cherry Jul

At the end of this scene, Frank Gun is laying on the couch, in Cherry Jul’s pussy. Then the other two fill her butt with cream and it spills out, all over Frank’s still fucking fucking cock.

Some might consider this friendly fire incident hostile. ;-)

From one of my ALL-TIME favorite scenes.  Watch it right here on Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire.

By the time Bob shows up at 1:40, this little party really starts to heat up.  She sucks all three guys before riding Bob’s dick.  At 4:50 notice how Titof is fucking her while Bob is fingering her clitCowgirl DP @ ~9:00.  At the 11:56 mark notice how Titof is now rubbing her pussy while Sebastian fucks her ass doggy style. 

Even more finger proximity from Titof at 14:04.  Lucky hand soon follows.  Bisexual Titof surely gets into this at 15:30, fully finger banging her cunt and making incidental contact with the dick in her ass.  And is that a little fucklicking at 16:32?  FUCK.  YES!  Sebastian shoots the first load at 18:00.  How did that NOT hit Bob down below?

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I love porn that opens right into the action and doesn’t waste time on storylines.  But that’s just me.  This one opens up just how I like it, as Olivia sucks three cocks in a circle.  They spit roast her A LOT in the beginning, and Toni gives her some really hot anal action at 15:55.  Just when you think they are just going to spit roast her forever, at 19:40 we finally get a cowgirl DP and air-tight sealReverse cowgirl DP @ 22:15.  Tristan puts his back into it @ ~23:20.  And don’t miss all the cum flying at 24:40.  The second cumshot, via Toni is a near miss that nearly soaks Jon’s thick dick.  Really hot scene!

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This chick’s titties are outrageous.  In a really, really good way.  Tandem fucking @ 11:30.  HOT!  Haha, these guys can’t stop sucking on those big juicy natural tits.  Can you blame them, really?  Reverse cowgirl DP @ 17:55.  She gets air-tight at 21:20.  Cowgirl DP @ 22:40.  Seriously… those fucking juggs are out of this world.  I want to suck and fuck them until I can’t suck or fuck anymore and then I want to fall asleep on them.  More reverse cowgirl DP action at 29:40.  And of course they cum all over her tits at the end.  Would’ve been a travesty had they not.

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