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Rocco and Franco must really have a good bond going on, because here they are yet again bringing their homoerotic A-game.  Just take a look at this brief clip showcasing some of the most homoerotic double penetration you’ll ever see.  These two give zero fucks, clearly.  The missionary DP begins at :20 and the momentum only builds from here.

Seriously… the :38 mark.  We are not even a fucking minute into this shit!  Wait… no seriously the :57 mark!!!  That takes some confidence in one’s sexuality if you know what I mean.

Link for mobile.

AMAAAAAZING amateur British clip featuring some outstanding bareback interracial double vaginal fucking.  Who’s cum is that all over their cocks while they’re fucking? 

Your genitalia will thank you for watching this one.  Love hearing the girl behind the camera talking like a dirty slag in that British accent.  I really need to see more of this.

Link for mobile.