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THANK YOU GUYS for making our video one of the highest rated of the last 7 days!  The love you’ve all shown has been amazing, and we really appreciate the support.  Now shall we get to work on the next one?  ;)

WATCH: FY!FF Originals - Our Amateur Interracial DVP Debut.

It’s FINALLY here!  And thank fucking GOD, because my inbox couldn’t take another “WHERE IS THE FUCKING VIDEO!?” email.  LOL.  I’m so excited to share this personal video, a Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature, on the heals of FY!FF passing the 40K FFollower mark.  In fact, at the time of this posting, we’ve just passed 41,500 tumblr FFollowers, plus countless more who visit the blog on a regular basis.  I sitll remember passing the 1,000 FFollower mark, which I commemorated with a video as well.

So many have you come to this blog daily and weekly, you share it with friends, use it as a way to find the porn that YOU want to watch, and you submit hot shit that I can share with people all around the world.  So as a token of my appreciation, I hope you’ll enjoy this NEW special release featuring myself and a couple of people very close to me.

Well this is going to be weird reviewing a video featuring a performance by myself, but here goes nothin’!  Dualingus begins at 1:35.  Sadly, the blur and angle here mask the action.  Who knows… if we get a good response maybe one day you’ll see the blur come off in a future release :)  Damn, I didn’t realize just how much dualingus we did! 

Double barrel blowjob @ 5:20.  Up next we do it in king of clubs and you may notice a little helping hand here.  And don’t miss the fucklicking at 7:10.  Mmm the memories are giving me a nice woody right now.  Didn’t realize how much my nuts were getting in on the action here.  HA!  Woop!  Another helping hand at 9:25 just before a jousting-filled double blowie.  NBD.

Even more fucklicking at 10:20.  Well that was close at 10:43.  Hehe.  11:45… well our hands sure are… HELPFUL ain’t they?  ;)  Surely none of this should be surprising to you if you’ve followed the blog for any amount of time.  We were REALLY trying to make a missionary DP work at 13:40.  How the fuck do the pros do this shit!?  The action featuring Yours Truly at 14:35… is it weird if I REALLY enjoy watching this?  #CAKE.  That felt SOOOO fucking good!  SO GOOD!

The double vaginal cowgirl begins at ~18:20.  Fuck!  Not gonna lie… that was hot.  You know you liked it!  Notice a near miss cumshot directed at me at 21:55.  That was a lotta cum, eh?  Well I still had a little more in me and at 25:00 you’ll see her toss my salad.  And let me tell you this chick can eat some man ass.  Just before 29:20 I blow my load in her, leaving a nice creampie deep inside her pussy.  And at 30:05 you’ll see the hot felching finale.

And that’s all, folks!  The highest compliment we could receive is if our video helped get you off.  So what do you think?  Should we give it another go?  :-)

Link for mobile.


Just a little peek-a-boo at what we were up to tonight. Anal, reverse cowgirl DP, sidesaddle DP and a nice creamy ending, which eventually fell down onto his cock and became his lube to fuck her ass before cumming in it as well.

Are you guys ready for our FY!FF video debut?! Well FINALLY, I’m happy to announce that it’s on its way. I’ve hit the upload button, so within the next 2 or 3 days, the online premiere of the video will be here once and for all. Stay tuned! And as always… Happy Fapping!


Suggestions requested!

Tonight I’ll be having an MMF threeway with mrandmrscouple. Any suggestions of things we should do? :)


I’m no stranger to sharing my college buddy fap sessions.  As promised, and in honor of FY!FF crossing the 2,000 tumblr follower threshold today, as well as thousands of you who aren’t on tumblr coming back day after day, I give you another personal clip from The Archive.  Filmed in 2008, you’ll see me stroking in the beginning.  My college roommate had just walked in and gone to his bedroom; I was sitting on the couch, fully clothed, and decided I wanted to beat off.

We were really cool about nudity and masturbation in the house, and often watched porn, beat off together, shared fleshlights and walked around naked.  Just guys being guys and bonding; those days I miss.  I cranked up the porn and waited to see how long it would take him to come out of the room and join me, which is why you hear that giggle in the beginning :-)

Lo and behold, surprise, surprise, my roomie enthusiastically joined me in the living room, as only he could.  At first he doesn’t realize I’m recording, which is why the camera is kind of low and only shows his feet at first.  After he gets more comfortable and a nice stiffy going, pants come off and you see me move in with the camera.  He laughs when he realizes it, but of course he’s used to it and doesn’t mind.

You’ll see a dish towel on the carpet in the middle of us towards the end.  Yep.  That was for us to shoot our loads on.  Only instead, in our excitement, both of us shot way over the towel and all over the carpet.  My buddy, who owned the house, laughed with me and simply said, “don’t worry about it.”  I’ll never forget this day.  Sadly, I couldn’t find the clip with the cumshots.  :-(  

I still communicate with him via facebook and text from time to time, and preparing for this post today got me all worked up so I sent him a text to urge him to visit.  No reply as of yet.  Time for a naked JO buddy here in Austin for my next chapter…

PS— Stay glued to FY!FF for more 2K FFollower Appreciation Day gifts tonight.  :D

Bringing this one back out of the vault.  Such good memories.


As promised, in appreciation for crossing the 1,000 follower mark this week, I give you… a 4.5-year old video (can’t believe it’s been that long!) of me and my former college roommate and fraternity brother jerking off while watching some porn.  Long story…but supposedly some girl on xtube wanted us to tribute her photo.  I didn’t care, I just wanted an excuse to JO with him on camera; we did it off cam ALL the time.  I’m just glad I have this.  Don’t tell him I’m sharing this with you okay?  :D

Oh… and my cock is the pierced black one.  SURPRISE!  Up until last night that was the only piercing my dick had.  If you guys enjoy this one I have a couple more I might share as well.  Let me know!  And how ‘bout those cumshots, eh?  You might say I was pretty turned on.

The memories I have from living with this guy back in college are some that I will cherish (and jack off to) for a lifetime.  Every guy needs a good buddy he can bond and beat off with.

Another shot from the upcoming FFirst FY!FF original amateur porn production.  In this one, you see me and my buddy giving his girl double vaginal, and FUCK did that feel good!  It’s the kind of DV action you love to see: amateur, real and raw!  Stay glued to Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire for the release of our first video.  You won’t want to miss it!

Another shot from the upcoming FFirst FY!FF original amateur porn production.  In this one, you see me and my buddy giving his girl double vaginal, and FUCK did that feel good!  It’s the kind of DV action you love to see: amateur, real and raw!  Stay glued to Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire for the release of our first video.  You won’t want to miss it!

Do you remember how I’ve been talking about all the fun I’ve been having in the bedroom lately?  Well, I decided to document some of it on video, and soon will be releasing the very first FY!FF amateur video production!  Stay tuned for more details on the full release, but for now I’ll whet your appetite with this little teaser.

FYFF Porn Teaser #1: Fucklicking Blooper.  Watch me pound her pussy while he licks her clit.  At the end you’ll notice a funny little blooper that involves my cock piercing.  Those damn jewelry pieces are a pain in my ass!  I’ve probably paid for the damn piercing 4 or 5 times now when you factor in how many of those damn things I’ve had to replace!  The piercing part may or may not end up in the final cut, but I thought it was funny as shit.

So what do you think?  Wanna see more?  :-)

Link for mobileAlternate link.

EDIT 6/9/14: the video source has been updated and should now be viewable to everyone.

Howdy.  So I went and made a porno.  :-)  And you just KNOW I had to bring the goods!  Here’s a glimpse of part of the video… one of my favorite parts.  The fucklicking.  Come back to FY!FF tonight 6/5/14 at 12:00 AM CST for the video teaser featuring this hot part of our video.  And stay tuned for details on the release of the full scene; you won’t want to miss it!
UPDATE: Watch it here.

Howdy.  So I went and made a porno.  :-)  And you just KNOW I had to bring the goods!  Here’s a glimpse of part of the video… one of my favorite parts.  The fucklickingCome back to FY!FF tonight 6/5/14 at 12:00 AM CST for the video teaser featuring this hot part of our video.  And stay tuned for details on the release of the full scene; you won’t want to miss it!

UPDATE: Watch it here.

My Bi Threesome

Before I can go into one of the most exhilarating weekends of my life, I probably should give you a little background.  So one of my best buddies is still close with his ex-wife.  In fact they still live together and remain close friends, even after divorce.  We’ve all gotten pretty close recently, admitting and sharing our deepest sexual experiences and desires to one another.  A couple weekends back, I went over to their place for dinner and passed out at their place.  Wait… let me back up.  I passed out after being invited to bed with them.  “Well you know I didn’t bring an overnight bag, and I sleep naked,” I warned.  “So do we!  Just get in bed!”  I was told.

So that’s exactly what I did.  This shit is no lie.  We’re all what I would consider “emotionally and sexually evolved,” so this wasn’t far outside my comfort zone at all.  Miraculously, nothing happened that night.  Keep in mind that both he and I are sexually open-minded, and by that I mean we are both comfortable with sex with both men and women, and I had assumed that something might go down.  Plus, he knows about Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire, so I know he knows what I’m into sexually.  So she slept in-between us both, all three of us side-by-side in the queen size bed.  By the time morning arrived, I was awoken by her gently stroking my hard cock.

Eventually my buddy wakes up and starts to become visibly excited and joins in on the fun, starting to kiss and eventually go down on his ex-wife in front of me.  The two of them started to play as I stroked my hard pierced cock to the side of them.  He makes her cum… hard, and eventually he waved me over while he was eating out her pussy as she moaned.  He wanted me to start fucking her while he ate her out.  So the fucklicking began.  This was nowhere near my first time doing this, but it had been so long— the feeling was ecstasy for the both of us.  It was his first time doing it, and I honestly was getting off just knowing this.

In my experience, fucklicking always feels extraordinarily good to women, as they are being stimulated with the penetration of their pussy by one guy and the flicking of their clit by the other guy’s tongue.  Most women I’ve done fucklicking to have had intense squirting orgasms that they’ve not been able to have otherwise.  So that was hot to experience that with them for the first time.  The whole time, he’s telling her to take my big black cock also, which always gets me going.  I could feel his tongue occasionally graze my cock as it went in and out of her pussy, but the condom was disabling me from really getting a good feel.

Next, we threw out the idea of double penetration, which much to our surprise wasn’t met with any resistance.  In the cowgirl position, we DP’d her, a first for the both of them.  It took a little bit of time to get all of our legs arranged properly.  Anybody who’s ever done a DP in real life (and not in porn) knows how big of a feat this can be.  The pros make it look so easy!  She loved it, to say the least, and we took turns fucking her one on one in different positions while the other video’d the action on our phones.

While my buddy was fucking her I made a comment about how I wanted to top him while he fucked her for some Lucky Pierre action, and I was quickly encouraged to do it by both of them.  He wanted me fuck him while he fucked her pussy.  And I happily obliged.  That was so fucking hot.  He was losing his mind, as he’d only fantasized about this act previously, or seen it in porn.  Curiously, she loved to hear him penetrated as well.  It was really hot for all of us.  I was kind of surprised that this was their first time. 

My favorite part was watching all the sexy action in the huge mirror that they have across from their bed.  And her pussy is so tight.  It feels amazing.  We both came inside of our condoms while fucking her pussy.  The rush from the excitement of doing this incredible sexual act together sent he and I over the edge.  I watched back the video I had taken, only to be disappointed out how shitty it came out.  At least to my critical porn-reviewing eyes, anyway.

After that first time together, all 3 of us realized we had a special connection between us.  The following weekend we got back together more fun that included their first double vaginal fuck, which was seriously so fucking hot.  Seeing and hearing his reaction to feeling our cocks frotting together inside her pussy is a memory I will hold forever.  It was electric.  Something all men should feel.  My condom ended up slipping off this second time, with her whispering in my ear, “oh well.”  That act of feeling my cock bare in her pussy then inspired her to research and begin taking birth control so that she can eventually feel us both bare in her pussy.

After sharing on this blog that I was bummed at not being able to get good video of this hot action, a FFollower of the blog contact me, he, my buddy and I met and it’s planned that he will record our action with his professional camera and lighting.  So hopefully soon you guys will be able to enjoy this incredible expression of our sexuality.  I love my life.  GOD, I love my life!

do you have any videos of one mans cum being used as lube for another man? And do you have any videos of yourself? even better, you and a girl?

Gonna have to add ‘cum as lube’ to my site nav, as I’m starting to get this request frequently.  The answer is absolutely.  Check out my cum as lube material.  And yes, there are several vids featuring me, some of which were sadly recently deleted when my xvideos account was deleted by the site for ‘too many copyright violations.’  You can easily find the content featuring me if you look closely on the navigational links on the site.

As far as videos of me and girls, yes that exists, but I’m not allowed to share them.  Sorry.  That, and most people I play with don’t feel comfortable with filming videos anyway.  Tell you what, I’m not posting the video, but here’s a screen cap of a video of me and a female fuck buddy.  Notice my cock piercing for authenticity:


How big is your cock?

soft: 6”x5”

hard: 8”x5.5”

Could you describe your first "more-than-straight" experience? Thanks!

Well I definitely experimented and circle jerked with other boys as a kid; normal “boys will be boys” kinda stuff… probably why I still like doing it so much.  Let’s just say I made the most of Boy Scout camp.  Anyway, though my sexuality was definitely repressed, once I got my own computer with the internet in my room at I believe 8th grade, I became so glued to porn.  I actually still have all the cd’s I burned with video files from those days; need to shuffle through them because there’s undoubtedly a shit-ton of on-topic material on them.  I still watch the same kind of porn.

But anyway, I began to be turned on by the men fucking the women, and pay more and more attention to their bodies, cocks, asses, etc.  This was also when I became aware of homoeroticism in porn, so it just piqued my curiosity… what it would be like to experiment with a guy, or be involved in a gangbang or a DP.  I’d later get to do all that stuff, but back then I was just a teenager. 

So there was this openly gay guy in my high school.  Seriously nothing to brag about, he was a complete trouble maker, but I guess he could tell or see something in me that screamed “I’m curious for cock” so he befriended me and slowly opened me up by asking questions and spending a lot of time with me.  One night we came back to my parents’ house and went up to my room.  Seriously… we walked by my mom, I’m closeted or confused or whatever, and this obviously flamboyant gay guy talks to my mom on the way to my room.  What the fuck was I thinking?  I dunno… I wasn’t.  I was a horny 16 year old boy.  So anyway, I escaped that, though I’m sure at that moment my mom knew something in the milk ain’t clean.  :)

So we get to my room, and we had this tradition where we did “movie night” but it was really his seduction routine.  I blew him off many times before, but this time was different.  This time I wanted it.  So he started touching me and I pretended to be annoyed but he saw right through it.  Then he gets up off the bed next to me, comes to the side of the bed I’m on, grabs my legs and pulls them over to the side of the bed, unzips and takes off my pants and starts blowing me. 

I remember this so vividly.  I was vocalizing “NO!  NO!” but as soon as I felt that warm mouth on my cock, it was over.  I shot the biggest load right into his mouth and he fucking swallowed it!  Looking back, that kid was very experienced; I wonder how long he had had practice at that!  Anyway… I would never go back.  Hard as I tried… We played around ALL the time after that.  Never any penetration, just jerking and sucking.  And when we weren’t playing, I was jerking off thinking about us playing. 

Things got awkward between us, mostly because I began to judge myself and fear “being gay.”  So I distanced myself from him, we graduated high school, I went on to college far away and he stayed in our home town.  In college, I thought I was straight, and even when I was jacking off with countless fraternity brothers I made it logical that I was, but I eventually came to accept that I prefer guys but it’s okay that I still enjoy sex with women as well.  Post-college, once I began to not give a shit about orientation, and just do what feels good… THAT’S when the fun began.  Gangbangs, sex parties, my first DP, swinging, nudist lifestyle resorts, and on and so forth.  So here I am on this journey, almost 30 and I’m going to enjoy the fucking HELL out of this ride.  I’m committed to just doing what feels right.  :-)

12 July 12 Anonymous Permalink
Hey Trey do you think this is just a launching pad for you to go full on gay? Not judging either way tho, just curious. Keep up the good work! Thanks a bunch!

Are you the same person who sent me several questions like this?  Anyway, I’m not sure why people are continually so confused about my sexual orientation.  It’s been clearly repeated many times that I’m way into cock, but perhaps I need to be more clear.  Like… I love it in my mouth and my ass and I love my cock in a guy’s ass as well.  I also enjoy fucking pussy.  Pussy feels amazing.  Tastes it too.  Most people find this concept of lack of attachment to labels difficult to understand, so it’s not something I really go around advertising, but I’m definitely not ashamed or embarrassed to talk about it when it comes up. 

Let’s just say I “went gay” way before Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire came into the picture.  I’m not the biggest fan of labels, however, so I just do whatever feels good and forget about the rest.  If that’s sex with a guy, girl, or both together in a hot threeway… I love living a completely open-minded life.  “Once you label me, you negate me.” ~ Søren Kierkegaard

Any more questions?

10 July 10 Anonymous Permalink

You guys requested it, and here it is… the last part of my recent buddy bate, featuring some nice king of clubs bating with my buddy, and he even gives me a bit of a helping hand.  This was such a fun evening… sorry the lighting is so shitty… and for the lack of cumshots.  More to cum soon!

Watch Part 1.

Link for mobile.


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