Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire

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***FY!FF EXCLUSIVE***  I gave you a few photographic previews earlier today of some of the fun our Brazilian FFollower Rodrigo has been having, and this Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature is a little compilation of clips he’s sent me over the past few months that I think you and your private parts will really enjoy.  Mine did.

The video opens up with Rodrigo and a buddy getting their cocks jousted together for a hot double blowjob.  This has already gotten off to a great start.  These boys clearly have no proximity hang-ups… like the lucky hand action at the :52 mark.  NICE.  Double vaginal fucking @ 1:19.  Rodrigo is on top here.  Notice the low-hanger ball slapping; he said in a note to me that sometimes the camera guy tells him to move his big nuts out of the way.

Rodrigo says that the dick slapping and jousting at ~2:08 features his cousin, and the lucky lady is a married woman who is fucking them behind her hubby’s back.  They sure seem open-minded in Brazil, eh?  There’s more blatant ball slapping at 2:22.  I seriously am starting to wonder why I don’t get more of these kinds of submissions from all you horny pervs out there!

God damn… for such a short video, this really runs the gamut as far as the kink goes.  Like the blatant helping hand @ 2:30.  And the double barrel blowjob in the king of clubs position @ 2:57.  Holy shit that’s hot.  You’ll notice even more blatant helping hand at about 3:09.  But that’s not even all, folks.  Don’t miss a bit of a friendly fire cumshot at ~4:15, and you’ll see another major FF that immediately follows during a cowgirl DP.  RODRIGO… you are a god among insects, my friend.  On behalf of the followers of the blog… MORE, please.  Obrigado.

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This video is French.  And nothing else need be said.  Except for the fact that French superstar swordsman William Le Bris, who’s joined by buddy Phil Hollyday really pull out all stops for one helluva hot scene!  They get things started with a bit of jousting and double blowjobs.  Great warm-up, if you ask me!  But wait… then we see a cumshot happen at 3:20.  WTF?  That didn’t take long.

Get ready for a craaaaaazy hot king of clubs double barrel blowjob session at 5:23.  Wow!  These two guys have been buddies for a while, so it makes sense for them to not have any proximity hang-ups.  Holy shit… that double barrel blowjob at 7:55! 

I was quite pleasantly surprised to see at 11:30 that this is actually a French flick that is sans condoms.  These guys both usually wrap it up, as do seemingly most French porn actors.  Cowgirl DP kicks off at 12:00.  Wait for the double vaginal @ ~15:55.  Yessir!  First cumshot at 21:08.

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Scorchin’ hot hour-long vintage double blowie compilation featuring plenty of double barrel blowjobs in the king of clubs position, doubleheader blowjobs, jousting and more.  You’ll even see some near miss cumshots here… like the major near miss @ 54:32.  Or was that FF?  Fans of the double BJ niche will love this one!

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Really fucking hot!  Start watching the scene that begins around 25:27.  Watch at 31:20 to see Frank and Nick getting double sucked in the king of clubs position.  Yes.  Double barrel blowjob @ 32:27.  Cowgirl DP @ 36:33.  The guys face off at 38:05 and get double sucked again while doing a little joustingDouble facial and extreme near miss cumshots at 38:42.

Now skip ahead to 65:05.  Nick and Frank return for another MFM scene you don’t want to miss.  Cowgirl DP @ 74:20.  At 76:32 Nick shoots Frank with a friendly fire cumshot right out of the DP.  Frank keeps fucking with a bit of Nick’s cum on his cock.  Fuck yeah!

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So I went and made a 1.5 hour-long double vaginal compilation.  Yep.  That just happened.  And it’s made with such a long run time for my fellow edging bators; the guys like myself who appreciate a nice lengthy bit of video for a nice, long fap session.  And this shit is hot as FUCK, if I may say so myself.  This Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature is full of the hottest double vaginal fucking you’ve ever seen and the kinkiest DP positions ever caught on film.  Like the opening scene’s southern exposure DP.  And that’s just the start, people. 

A couple of really hot king of clubs DPs come soon after.  And there’s plenty more, including sidesaddle DPP, doggy style DPP, wishbone DPP, cake-filled DPP, and of course the standard cowgirl and reverse cowgirl DPP.  I’m telling you… some of the very best double pussy penetration I’ve ever seen is in here and hand-picked just for the FY!FF followers, and I threw it all together with actress names and film titles on the video for your convenience as well.  By the way… This is just the beginning; stay tuned for Vol. 2 coming to FY!FF soon!  I’ve got more DVP you must see!  If you like this shit, please give it a thumbs-up on the tube site and/or a like/reblog on tumblr.

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Suddenly I’m feeling a little nostalgic.  Back when I was a little horny teenager in high school who stayed up in his room watching internet porn and scouring IRC (holy shit… who remembers mIRC for porn?  Eat your heart out uTorrent.  LOL!) for good shit, THIS scene starring Tabitha Stevens was the first time I saw a double barrel BJ in the king of clubs position.  Check out these previously posted gifs of the action and get into the video.

Watching this, it’s so interesting to see how the image of porn stars has changed from 1999 when this was made to today.  It only takes about a minute before Tabitha is shoving Kyle and Chris’ cocks into her mouth from the king of clubs position.  You can tell she really is getting into this double barrel BJ.  The guys stay in this position for a few minutes, until about 5:35.  Sadly, in my opinion the rest of the scene pales in comparison to the first five minutes.

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