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Those of you who’ve been following the blog for a while now may know that I named this one of the greatest porn scenes of all time.  You can watch it in full right here on Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire.

It’s FINALLY here!  And thank fucking GOD, because my inbox couldn’t take another “WHERE IS THE FUCKING VIDEO!?” email.  LOL.  I’m so excited to share this personal video, a Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature, on the heals of FY!FF passing the 40K FFollower mark.  In fact, at the time of this posting, we’ve just passed 41,500 tumblr FFollowers, plus countless more who visit the blog on a regular basis.  I sitll remember passing the 1,000 FFollower mark, which I commemorated with a video as well.

So many have you come to this blog daily and weekly, you share it with friends, use it as a way to find the porn that YOU want to watch, and you submit hot shit that I can share with people all around the world.  So as a token of my appreciation, I hope you’ll enjoy this NEW special release featuring myself and a couple of people very close to me.

Well this is going to be weird reviewing a video featuring a performance by myself, but here goes nothin’!  Dualingus begins at 1:35.  Sadly, the blur and angle here mask the action.  Who knows… if we get a good response maybe one day you’ll see the blur come off in a future release :)  Damn, I didn’t realize just how much dualingus we did! 

Double barrel blowjob @ 5:20.  Up next we do it in king of clubs and you may notice a little helping hand here.  And don’t miss the fucklicking at 7:10.  Mmm the memories are giving me a nice woody right now.  Didn’t realize how much my nuts were getting in on the action here.  HA!  Woop!  Another helping hand at 9:25 just before a jousting-filled double blowie.  NBD.

Even more fucklicking at 10:20.  Well that was close at 10:43.  Hehe.  11:45… well our hands sure are… HELPFUL ain’t they?  ;)  Surely none of this should be surprising to you if you’ve followed the blog for any amount of time.  We were REALLY trying to make a missionary DP work at 13:40.  How the fuck do the pros do this shit!?  The action featuring Yours Truly at 14:35… is it weird if I REALLY enjoy watching this?  #CAKE.  That felt SOOOO fucking good!  SO GOOD!

The double vaginal cowgirl begins at ~18:20.  Fuck!  Not gonna lie… that was hot.  You know you liked it!  Notice a near miss cumshot directed at me at 21:55.  That was a lotta cum, eh?  Well I still had a little more in me and at 25:00 you’ll see her toss my salad.  And let me tell you this chick can eat some man ass.  Just before 29:20 I blow my load in her, leaving a nice creampie deep inside her pussy.  And at 30:05 you’ll see the hot felching finale.

And that’s all, folks!  The highest compliment we could receive is if our video helped get you off.  So what do you think?  Should we give it another go?  :-)

Link for mobile.

Double barrel blowjob.

Double barrel blowjob.

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Seriously… could this Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature be any hotter!?  Hakan and Valentino give her some incredibly sexy double vaginal and king of clubs DP action!  Fuck yes!


So the first set hit 100 notes with only 1 ask or submission but as promised here is the next set! Would love to see you all getting off to our work! Send an ask or submission and I will post more when I get to 10. I have like 40+ more pics in the chute but would like to get a lil for giving ;)


A short but sweet Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature of some hot German king of clubs DPP.


Here are a few pics to see how everyone responds. This is from the very first threesome we had with lotofunlove. If you’d like to see more from this night and from the most recent threesome let’s get some asks and notes! Either 20 asks or 100 notes for another set! (Whichever happens first!)
And as always submissions are welcome!

Fucking hot!  Love seeing an amateur double barrel blowjob!


When the men can relax and have 0 hangups about proximity, you get incredibly hot threeway action like like this!  LOVE the king of clubs double barrel BJ!

This hot vintage French flick starts off looking like it’s going to be shit, but hold out there, friends… things get good pretty quickly.  Like at 3:52 when the guys get a double barrel blowjob in the king of clubs position.  At 6:02 Yves rests his hand on Jean-Pierre’s leg as Jean starts to fuck her.  And then at 7:00 while still in king of clubs, the boys give her double anal!  Not sure how she took those big dicks like that!  Anal piledriver @ 8:05.  Cowgirl double anal @ 10:40.  DAMN.

Link for mobile.


Another Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature!  Such a hot and horny clip of a girl giving two guys a double barrel blowjob in the king of clubs position.  All that big cock frot and proximity!  This is the way all men should openly participate in MFM 3-ways, sans proximity inhibitions!  Beautiful double facial and friendly fire ending!


Plenty of hot jousting and double dicking action in this Fappable Feature.  Check out that sexy sexy king of clubs double barrel BJ!

Gangbangs are always way more fun when the men have no hangups around proximity.
Watch this scene in full right here on Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire!

Gangbangs are always way more fun when the men have no hangups around proximity.

Watch this scene in full right here on Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire!


Three plus a friend

Examples of the perfect ratio of men to women.

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