Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire

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This series is always going to hold a special place in my heart.  GGG has always been a favorite of mine and is really what I attribute my love of German porn to today.  They started it all for me.  Per usual in these films, boundaries are pushed here.  Watch Ronny and his buddy reverse cowgirl DP her at 15:35.  Cowgirl DP @ 20:10.  Notice the man, the legend White Pony in his signature mask at 22:32.  And you’re about to find out where he got his name, if you don’t already know.

Oh, that’s why at 23:00.  And 23:45.  Circle jerking commences at 24:35 and we witness a near miss cumshot @ 24:50.  It’s GGG though, so the guys aren’t ever the least bit phased by other dude’s jizz.  Oh there’s White Pony’s 3rd leg again at 26:20.  Look at 29:20… anybody else find it interesting how so often in these videos there’s some headless dude holding a chick’s head up, or her mouth open, while some other guy shoots his wad in her mouth and on her face?  As if this chick couldn’t hold her own head up or mouth open.  And this is not strange in these shoots.  Like… nobody bats an eye.  I have GOT to visit Deutschland. 

At 31:20 that’s a big dick, I’m sorry.  And then she rims his asshole.  Because he’s got a huge dick, I assume?  LOL.  In the next scene a cutie rubs and sucks two cocks together at 37:55.  And it’s the friendly fire cumshots that begin at 46:25ish that make this scene a REAL winner.  Fuck yeah!  And again, though… this dude is clearly wanting to be hit by cum.  His presence here really serves no other purpose.  Look at the fucker just catching cum like no big deal and really seeming to love it!  Germans cray cray.

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I can’t believe I am saying this YET AGAIN so soon, but by God… this is one of the fucking HOTTEST and MESSIEST creampie gangbangs I’ve ever seen.  Leave it to the fucking Germans, of course.  Oh, and obviously, this is going directly into the Hall of FFame.  There’s plenty of sloppy seconds creampie fucking and hot shots of churning butter.  Love it when that dude with the big uncut dick plays in the cum with his dick at 8:37.  So fucking hot.  9:14!!!  I’ve watched this sucker probably 6 times already in just a couple days… it’s epic.  You will cum.  Get ready.  I’m not even going to break this down any further… just grab yourself and have at it.  You’re welcome.

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BlowBang Sluts has shaped up to be one of the best-produced amateur porn series I’ve ever seen.  I know you guys have become fans of the series just as I have, so naturally… this Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature ANNNNND Hall of FFamer should make your favorites list.  You’ve already seen the gifs from this scene, so you likely know what to expect, but I hope you’re ready because the shit is a grade A blowbang masterpiece!

I like how Kyle, Katt and company wasted zero time and got right to the cock sucking.  Notice the guy on the right.  Wave to him.  A mere 30 days ago he was just a fan of Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire, and now he’s in a hot-as-fuck porno.  No big deal.  It’s not even 40 seconds into this shoot and she’s already got two big dicks jousting in her mouth.  My kinda chick.

Get ‘em both!" @ 1:10… oh this shit ‘bout to be goooood!  Fuck yes… get ‘em both!  More jousting @ 2:15… I mean really I might need to stop even mentioning the jousting from now on because it’s pretty much the entire scene.  As it should be.  Let us all take a moment to reflect on how amazing it is to see a woman so effortlessly handle multiple big dicks at once like this.  Katt’s such a hot little cock sucker.  Bitch got skills!  Give her ass ALL the awards!

Kyle jumps in to get him some at 3:50 for one incredible triple blowjob.  Fuck.  Seriously… the 5:00 mark with the dick slapping.  YES!  And we’re only FIVE minutes in!  The 5:30 mark brings us yet another major double blowie.  These dudes were all made to make porn.  This is a good team right here.  Speaking of… good teamwork at 8:47, boys.  Holy FUCK… that triple blowjob at 10:30!!!  “Smack her face with your dicks, guys.”  That shit is hot and you fucking know it.

Know what else is hot.  Friendly fire cumshots.  Like the FUCKING MONDO FRIENDLY FIRE CUMSHOT @ 12:58.  It was really hot to hear Kyle direct her to keep sucking the other guy’s dick while waiting for the facial.  And then to see him stick his cock in her mouth with cum all over her face at 13:50 and then shoot one of his signature huge cumshots… this shit is just pure gold.  Kyle… brother, thank you.  The blog readers thank you and the amazing Katt.  The world at large thanks you.  That was probably the best blowbang I’ve ever seen.  No, it hands-down was the best I’ve seen.

Like/re-blog if you agree.  Comments on xhamster are also appreciated so the stars can see what you guys think.  Do you want more like this?  Let them know!

You can thank and support Kyle and BlowBang Sluts by purchasing one of their videos here.  Yeah, even if you’ve already seen it for free here.  :)  Live in or near the Los Angeles., California area?  Want to be in this hot amateur series?  E-mail me at trey [at] fyfriendlyfire [dot] com and I’ll make an introduction.  Serious inquiries only.

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I feel like I’ve already been on a Brazilian kick this week, so why not just add another hot video to the list?  This is an outrageous gangbang that takes place in a gym, which actually adds to the ‘hot’ element to me.  They are literally fucking on work out equipment… and no, they didn’t wipe it off with their towels when they were done.

Things really start to pick up after the 3:00 mark.  Just about all Brazilians are ridiculously attractive and fit.  I mean seriously… have you ever seen an obese Brazilian!?  Cuz I haven’t!  They’re too busy fuckin’ down in that country for obesity!  Hot spit roast at 4:44.  How the fuck do these porn productions get locations like this, do you think?  Allow the owners to watch/join?

Smokin’ hot cowgirl DP @ 5:25.  There’s an air-tight seal in there too.  Interesting proximity at 6:25.  No surprise here.  I find Brazilians to generally be way more sexually open-minded than we Americans.  Though really… who isn’t!?  Finger proximity at 8:11.  She jousts two cocks at 8:35.  A line of men that seems way more populated than there were men earlier lines up at 9:26 to finish in her mouth.  Naturally, there’s a bit of sloppy seconds blowjob action here.

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@KattLowden returns to BlowBang Sluts for one helluva blowbang.  Stay tuned to FY!FF for the exclusive video release!

Live in or near the Los Angeles., California area?  Want to be in this hot amateur series?  E-mail me at trey [at] fyfriendlyfire [dot] com and I’ll make an introduction.  Serious inquiries only.

***FY!FF EXCLUSIVE***  I gave you a few photographic previews earlier today of some of the fun our Brazilian FFollower Rodrigo has been having, and this Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature is a little compilation of clips he’s sent me over the past few months that I think you and your private parts will really enjoy.  Mine did.

The video opens up with Rodrigo and a buddy getting their cocks jousted together for a hot double blowjob.  This has already gotten off to a great start.  These boys clearly have no proximity hang-ups… like the lucky hand action at the :52 mark.  NICE.  Double vaginal fucking @ 1:19.  Rodrigo is on top here.  Notice the low-hanger ball slapping; he said in a note to me that sometimes the camera guy tells him to move his big nuts out of the way.

Rodrigo says that the dick slapping and jousting at ~2:08 features his cousin, and the lucky lady is a married woman who is fucking them behind her hubby’s back.  They sure seem open-minded in Brazil, eh?  There’s more blatant ball slapping at 2:22.  I seriously am starting to wonder why I don’t get more of these kinds of submissions from all you horny pervs out there!

God damn… for such a short video, this really runs the gamut as far as the kink goes.  Like the blatant helping hand @ 2:30.  And the double barrel blowjob in the king of clubs position @ 2:57.  Holy shit that’s hot.  You’ll notice even more blatant helping hand at about 3:09.  But that’s not even all, folks.  Don’t miss a bit of a friendly fire cumshot at ~4:15, and you’ll see another major FF that immediately follows during a cowgirl DP.  RODRIGO… you are a god among insects, my friend.  On behalf of the followers of the blog… MORE, please.  Obrigado.

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A couple of gems in this great MFM scene.  Dominno jousts Neeo and Cage’s cocks together during a doubleheader blowjob @ ~4:45.  My favorite part though?  The very brief double titty fuck, so rarely seen, at 19:55.  Cumshots happen at 27:54; it almost looked like Cage (on the right)was about to blast Neeo with FF, but alas just a near miss cumshot.

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