Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire

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Here’s a really hot reverse interracial (half-way, at least) MFM Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature starring Layla.  This is so damn hot.  When I saw the gifset, I knew I had to see this scene.  Fans of women with phat asses will really appreciate this one.  It is really hot to see her big ass ripple over and over as she’s pounded with dick.  Sadly there was no DP (and what a missed opportunity), but the scene is still hot.

If you can identify the two actors in the scene, please shoot me a message.

Link for mobile.

EDIT: 10/19/14 - thank you to ALL of you who wrote in to let me know that the two guys are Justin Slayer and Preston Parker.

Rocco and Franco must really have a good bond going on, because here they are yet again bringing their homoerotic A-game.  Just take a look at this brief clip showcasing some of the most homoerotic double penetration you’ll ever see.  These two give zero fucks, clearly.  The missionary DP begins at :20 and the momentum only builds from here.

Seriously… the :38 mark.  We are not even a fucking minute into this shit!  Wait… no seriously the :57 mark!!!  That takes some confidence in one’s sexuality if you know what I mean.

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AMAAAAAZING amateur British clip featuring some outstanding bareback interracial double vaginal fucking.  Who’s cum is that all over their cocks while they’re fucking? 

Your genitalia will thank you for watching this one.  Love hearing the girl behind the camera talking like a dirty slag in that British accent.  I really need to see more of this.

Link for mobile.

I accidentally found this amazing amateur hotel gangbang video when I was looking for something else.  I fucking love it when that happens!  Fans of verbal porn will really get into this one.  It’s awesome how the guys don’t hold back and really get into the ‘bro chatter.’  Double titty sucking at 3:23.  There’s some really interesting finger proximity around 4:20.  5:35… “We’re gonna have two cocks in her pussy… stretch it out.”

Around 5:50 these two dudes do some crazy finger version of fucklicking and you’ll hear the camera guy get weirded out at 6:23.  LMAO.  He knows he was lovin’ that shit.  The thigh-to-ass incidental touching at 12:10.  When I first saw this I cracked up at all the failed DP attempts around 24:38.  I laughed because I could relate… this was so realistic to what trying to do DP in real life is like.  If you’ve tried it, you know what I mean haha.

They finally get it and by 26:15 they’ve got a good rhythm going.  A lot of guys hate it when any of the guys talk in the videos, but I think it makes it better.  The relaxed atmosphere just does it for me I guess.  The cowgirl DP at 29:30 is a winner.  ”Look at your husband.”  LOL!  Back here, bitch!  Amateur gangbangs like this are the fucking best.  Seedy hotel gangbangs.  I love humans.  Watch the rest of this shit; this makes me want to find a gangbang to participate in stat!

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Brazilian group fun!  There’s some incidental leg touching between the men as they sit side-by-side at 4:00.  Jousting happens at 6:16 as both women lick on both guys’ cocks.  That’s hot.  Interesting how the darker-skinned guy wears a condom but the other guy doesn’t.  Not even during the cowgirl DP at 12:00.  Also hot.  Both men blow loads beginning at 14:09.  Actually wait… second dude must’ve jacked off on shooting day.  Big no-no.  :D

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Hour-plus vintage gangbang scene.  I’m not gonna lie… I really dig gangbangs from this era in porn.  Big hair, acid-washed denim and all.  Notice how once Crystal begins servicing T.T. Boy, the other men are sitting around watching and jerking off.  Like at ~4:45.  She then goes around the circle sucking each man’s dick.

Cowgirl DP begins at 17:00.  Cumshots begin at 20:00 where we see the first friendly fire cumshot.  Fuck yeah!  In scene 2, T.T. Boy really starts to fuck Lana Sands’ brains out at 33:00.  Nice views of the fucking throughout.  I don’t know about you, but I find the action that begins at about 43:25 mark to be quite homoerotic.  The couch proximity and incidental touching.  That’s hot.

Scene 3 ends with one helluva EPIC friendly fire cumshot at 72:35.  Holy fuck… that’s dual friendly fire cumshots!  FUUUUUUCK YEAH!  SOFA KING HOT!

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So Anabolic (and Diabolic) videos are really where it started for me.  I remember it was Anabolic, Diabolic and Red Light District (which really seemed to all be the same people) that really got me hooked on gangbangs as a teenager back in the late 90s.  And this one exemplifies why.  So come take a fap down memory lane with me and one of the greatest gangbang series of all time, will ya?

Alright so the quality is next to shit, but the action will be worth it, TRUST.  Things start to heat up around 6:00 with the plethora of dick surrounding Oceane.  The usual gangbang guys are here… Mark Davis, John Strong, Lex Steele, Vince Vouyer, Pat Myne… This was an all-star cast in the 90s.  The 13:38 mark begins an Anabolic gangbang tradition: the rimjob line.  I remember being such a huge fan of this series because at the time it was one of very few where I knew I’d get to see chicks eating out guys’ asses, something rare at the time.  And down the line she goes.  Every guy bends over as she approaches.

Another reason I used to love this series was for the length of their scenes.  If you couldn’t make it to the end, you knew you could get another fap session out of the rest the next go ‘round, or you could edge to your heart’s content.  An interracial cowgirl DP begins at 38:10.  It’s interesting how some of the guys are bare and some are not.  Some of these dudes must’ve not been on top of their testing.  Cumshots happen at ~42:00.

The next gangbang scene features two chicks and is equally hot, including some awesome dual DP action @ 73:05.  Notice how other frequent Anabolic gangbang contributor Billy Glide (R.I.P.) makes an appearance in this scene.  There’s a circle o’ cumshots at 83:10.  Damn… that looks like a bunch of near miss cumshots.

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I previously posted an abbreviated version of this incredible interracial MFM Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature starring the incomparable Veronica Avluv, and I’m pleased to present to you the full version in all its glory.  Let’s begin at the 4:00 mark, shall we?  At 6:00 we see Veronica unveil Wesley’s famous anaconda and begin to fellate it.  And look how she handles the balls!  Bitch is a PRO.

Rico joins the party after about 7:00, and I’m just praying for this poor white girl’s orifices right now.  Doubleheader blowjob at 11:00.  “Take your time.  Put both of ‘em in there.”  “You like that, white woman?"  LMAO… Wesley is never verbally shy in a scene, is he? 

My favorite part… the wishbone DP kicks off at 21:15.  Holy FUCK!  Those huge black dicks inside her white holes just takes this position to a whole new stratosphere, doesn’t it?  GOD.  DAMN!  I forgot how hot this was.  Cowgirl DP @ 29:36.  Notice the ball slapping throughout.  Cum first flies at about 38:50.

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