Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire

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I accidentally found this amazing amateur hotel gangbang video when I was looking for something else.  I fucking love it when that happens!  Fans of verbal porn will really get into this one.  It’s awesome how the guys don’t hold back and really get into the ‘bro chatter.’  Double titty sucking at 3:23.  There’s some really interesting finger proximity around 4:20.  5:35… “We’re gonna have two cocks in her pussy… stretch it out.”

Around 5:50 these two dudes do some crazy finger version of fucklicking and you’ll hear the camera guy get weirded out at 6:23.  LMAO.  He knows he was lovin’ that shit.  The thigh-to-ass incidental touching at 12:10.  When I first saw this I cracked up at all the failed DP attempts around 24:38.  I laughed because I could relate… this was so realistic to what trying to do DP in real life is like.  If you’ve tried it, you know what I mean haha.

They finally get it and by 26:15 they’ve got a good rhythm going.  A lot of guys hate it when any of the guys talk in the videos, but I think it makes it better.  The relaxed atmosphere just does it for me I guess.  The cowgirl DP at 29:30 is a winner.  ”Look at your husband.”  LOL!  Back here, bitch!  Amateur gangbangs like this are the fucking best.  Seedy hotel gangbangs.  I love humans.  Watch the rest of this shit; this makes me want to find a gangbang to participate in stat!

Link for mobile.

Kinky Italian porn.  Double handjob and blowjob at 8:15.  Double tit suck @ 12:56.  Finger proximity @ 14:56.  And 21:18.  Fucklicking at ~26:56.  Actually that’s more like bush licking, really.  Hmm.  Cowgirl DP @ 30:25.  There’s some pretty clear deliberate touching going on around 32:30.  This dude’s got a thing for finger proximity.  Really nice reverse cowgirl DP kicks off around 34:20.  UNF!

Link for mobile.

Start at about 45:45.  Watch the crazy hot proximity at 53:37.  Alain is eating her pussy while thick dick Roberto fingers her ass.  Is it just me or does Alain look thirsty for dick at about 55:44?  I can practically see the salivation.  More lucky hand @ 56:05.  And of COURSE this progresses to full-on fucklicking at 56:20.  So fucking hot!  The next scene has Roberto eating pussy while getting his big hairy ass licked at 67:20.

Link for mobile.