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Vintage DP FF.

Within the first minute of this hot European MFM scene, Adam and Mario spend some time passionately kissing her neck together.  The reverse cowgirl DP begins at 10:20.  If you’re familiar with Mario Rossi’s work, the 10:50 cake show will come as no surprise.  But I mean if my ass looked like that, it would permanently be on display.  I gotta hit the gym.

That is such a fucking hot DP.  And it just keeps on going and going.  They switch to cowgirl DP at 13:50.  All of this isn’t even the best part.  Watch for the friendly fire cumshot at 17:10 via Adam.  Fuck yeah!  Mario just seems to lie there and take it.  And THEN Adam sticks his dick in the cum that is on her ass hole and dripping onto Mario’s cock.  Mind = BLOWN.

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A Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature - LOLz!  I’ve always loved this little blooper featuring a young James Deen shooting a huge FF cum blast right into Alex Rox’s mouth.  Whoopsie!  :-)


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This interracial gangbang ends with a nice surprise!  Don’t miss the double vaginal @ 8:34.  Cowgirl DP @ 10:10.  Cradle DP @ 12:15.  The surprise happens at 21:33 and it’s an out-of-nowhere friendly fire cumshot.  The most hilarious part of this all is the creepy-pervy look on Wesley Pipes’ face in the background as he looks on while it happens.  LOL!

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Friendly fire DP with a side of whipped cream.


Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire - Where it’s okay if your cumshot accidentally drips down onto your buddy’s leg.  In fact, it’s encouraged!

The scenes are intercut in this vintage European flick, which you may like or you may really not like.  There’s some very interesting fisting going on at about 26:50, as the black chick gets her pussy fisted by the other chick while her ass is fucked by Nacho Libre.  Kinky!  But be sure to check out the friendly fire cumshot David serves Yves with at 30:50.  Later, site FFavorite Backey Jakic takes on some pussy followed by some hot group action.  And more fisting. 

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Really fucking hot!  Start watching the scene that begins around 25:27.  Watch at 31:20 to see Frank and Nick getting double sucked in the king of clubs position.  Yes.  Double barrel blowjob @ 32:27.  Cowgirl DP @ 36:33.  The guys face off at 38:05 and get double sucked again while doing a little joustingDouble facial and extreme near miss cumshots at 38:42.

Now skip ahead to 65:05.  Nick and Frank return for another MFM scene you don’t want to miss.  Cowgirl DP @ 74:20.  At 76:32 Nick shoots Frank with a friendly fire cumshot right out of the DP.  Frank keeps fucking with a bit of Nick’s cum on his cock.  Fuck yeah!

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Watch this INSAAAAAAANELY amazing Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature for a lesson in how a man should properly take a friendly fire blast from his buddy. The shooting victim of this purely EPIC friendly fire cumshot doesn’t even flinch! Fuck Yeah!

Where do I sign up for this?

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Interracial gangbang friendly fire cumshot.

I’ve shared this Hall of FFamer and Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature (not to mention one of my all-time favorite FF scenes) with you in the distant past and it got deleted, so keep your fingers crossed that it stays this time.  This is definitely one for every friendly fire cumshot video collector out there!  She pulls out Szabi’s cock at 3:10 and begins to orally service him while Bob looks on in the background.

It doesn’t take long for Bob to join in, and by 7:30 he’s in on the action as well for a nice poolside spit roast.  Notice the proximity during the spooning at 10:40.  They begin an INCREDIBLY sexy double vaginal fuck at 21:10.  Look at that DVP… so fucking hot.  The part you’ve been waiting for happens at 28:55.  Notice how Bob just lies there and takes the friendly fire cumshot like a champ.  In fact it almost seems as though he really, really enjoyed that.  And that was a lot of fucking jizz.  It just kept cumming, and cumming and cumming.  And then she gives some sloppy seconds blowjobs and drips even more cum down onto Bob below.  FUCK YES! 

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What a gangbang!  Claudia starts circle sucking the guys around 2:30.  Notice the jousting at 4:28.  Reverse cowgirl DP @ 9:45.  These guys sure aren’t afraid of being vocal are they?  The opening ceremony of Cake Fest 2K14 kicks off at about 10:30.  I don’t know about you, but I enjoy see the entire picture of the guy pounding away; not just his cock going in and out.  Helps me imagine myself in the scene more, I suppose.

More DP at 11:30 and cake fest continues at 12:07.  Lots of really hot anal fucking follows.  Hot cowgirl DP @ 33:15.  Cum begins to fly @ 37:07.  And while the shot is cut from our view, you will see in a second why you hear laughter here.  The guy on the left laughs off the fact that his buddy on the right shoots a big ol’ friendly fire cumshot.  See evidence at 37:12 and 37:31.

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***FY!FF EXCLUSIVE*** Get ready to blow one of the biggest loads of your life to the latest (and greatest… so far) release from BlowBang Sluts.  I’m pretty proud of my buddy Kyle for pulling this Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature off, and I think you’ll agree with me that this one’s a winner.  And we all know how great of a series BBS is, right?  So just trust me and beat off to this one tonight.  Cuz as I previously mentioned, it was already in the Hall of FFame before I even posted it.  :)

Meet new porn starlet Nasty Nyla.  Ain’t she cute?  Wait until you see how this pretty young thing sucks and takes dick.  Especially that horse cock she’s sucking on in the beginning.  Watch as Kyle joins the party at 2:10.  That’s some hot jousting.  Hot double blowie @ 2:40.  Seriously, guys that’s fucking hot.  You know it is.  This chick is gonna be a star if she keeps this up.

By about 13:15 you’ll notice Kyle has lost the condom and gone bare.  Hot.  The boys give her a nice cowgirl DP @ 15:55.  Donkey Dick fucks her for a bit before Kyle returns at 18:47 to give her yet another good cowgirl double penetration.  Sounds like she loves it.  I’m not gonna lie… I even kinda love the background music.  Maybe it’s because the type of music is the kind I tend to listen to most, but I think it adds an extra layer to this amateur production that actually works.  I dig it.

Is it Christmas already?  Cuz we get treated to yet another double penetration @ 22:15.  Okay now it feels like Hanukkah because the gifts just keep coming and coming.  Like the double blowjob @ 24:00.  Can you believe this is basically one of, if not THE first scene of this chick!?  I just wish I were there!  

Not gonna lie… in my opinion, one of the VERY best shot segments of this kicks off at about 27:08.  How do I even explain this.  Can you see it?  This. is. fucking. hot.  I don’t know if my boy Kyle planned that, but it is hot to see his buddy thrusting in and out of her while he stands in the foreground like a voyeur and beats his meat.  I think the reason I think it’s hot is because I know if that were me and I were there, I’d be doing the same exact thing… watching him fuck her and enjoying it.

But that’s not even the best part…

Wait for the rarely-seen wishbone DP @ ~29:25.  This is happening.  THISSSSSS!!!  You can tell he’s enjoying it at 30:00.  I mean… wouldn’t you be?  They do a wishbone DP again at 31:00 and this time you’ll notice a bit of incidental touching as Donkey Dick pounds into her hole.  What Kyle demonstrates here is that there’s no need to worry about proximity or incidental touching… just focus all the attention on pleasing her while having fun with a buddy.  And leave all the hangups at the door.

She gives Kyle a nice rimjob at 32:20.  I happen to love getting rimmed, so I can relate to how good this clearly feels.  Like at 33:40.  You can tell he almost blew his load.  This chick is good.  We get even more DP at 34:43, and it looks like some minor ball slapping here too.  But I mean look at those things… there was no way there wasn’t going to be some ball-to-dick slapping.  HOTTT DP @ 36:20!  You can tell they’ve really gotten their rhythm with the DP and are in a groove at this point.

The scene closes out with yet even more jousting and double sucking at 39:46.  “Get ‘em both in.”  But the very, very best part?  The FRIENDLY FIRE CUMSHOT @ 42:10!!!  DUDE!  FUCK.  YES!  And then notice how he immediately goes to blow on her face at 43:00.  That’s a mighty fine cumshot to Lyla’s face, ladies and gents!

Will you join me in thanking Kyle for this amateur porn masterpiece by liking/re-blogging this post or giving it a thumbs-up on xhamster?  You can also purchase a BlowBang Sluts scene here.  If you have any great ideas for a future BBS release, shoot me a note and let me know and I’ll pass it along.

Live in or near the Los Angeles., California area?  Want to be in this hot amateur series?  E-mail me at trey [at] fyfriendlyfire [dot] com and I’ll make an introduction.  Serious inquiries only.

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Leslie Taylor and Csoky double fuck Hungarian beauty Monika in this hot friendly fire cumshot scene.  They spit roast her for a while, and Leslie puts on a show while he anally fucks her in doggy style at 18:00.  We finally get a cowgirl DP @ 22:33.  Notice the fellas square off at 24:05… you know where this is headed.  Yup!  At ~24:12 see Csoky nail Leslie with a big ol’ friendly fire cumshot.  After which point Leslie eventually returns the favor, blasting Csoky with a bit of FF as well.  FUCK YEAH!

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When your dick is this close to a woman this hot, it doesn’t matter where you spurt.  Bonus points: notice how she never stops massaging the nuts of the guy on the left.


Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire is the FIRST and *premier* tumblr dedicated to friendly fire cumshots, and is your definitive source for kinky straightish porn. In addition to amazing friendly fire, Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire focuses on all other deliciously homoerotic and bromantic goodness in heterosexual pornography.

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