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Holy fuck, this is hot as fuck!  Look at those missionary and doggy style DP’s

I must know what this is from… I recognize the guy with the Tasmanian Devil tattoo as Dillon Day.  Anybody know who she is so we can identify this scene?  Quick, someone HALP!  :-)

UPDATE: the source is Fucking Beautiful 6.  She is Lucy Lee.

Source: profesortetamen

I would love to know what this is from.
UPDATE: BoundGangbangs - Sarah Shevon

I would love to know what this is from.

UPDATE: BoundGangbangs - Sarah Shevon

Source: belomondo

Hi my friend i need your help, if saw the first clip of cum happens #1 and i was wondering if you maybe had the full clip of that one. Its so fucking hot. I hope you can help me with it. Greetings from Holland !!

Howdy from Texas, USA!  My pleasure to help.  Unfortunately, since creating the first two ‘Cum Happens’ videos, the hard drive I housed a SHIT TON of porn on went kaput so I don’t have many of my old videos, but FORTUNATELY for you that one happens to be one of my faves and I know it off the top of my head.  :)

The scene you are looking for in that compilation is called ‘Devine Ho!”  It’s by 21Sextury and stars Shalina Devine, Szabi and Bob Terminator.  Enjoy!


The info on Quadblowjobbing sent by the anon is partially wrong. That scene features Olga Martinez, David Perry, Leslie Taylor, Mike Foster and Mario Rossi. As a pornographer myself, I hate when the proper guys don't get the credit. Being a cocksmith is a tough job and they deserve praise. Sincerely, Goonographer

Yeah thanks for the heads-up.  I too realized that, but at least the film name was correct and I was easily able to locate it.  Mario Rossi was the only swordsman in the clip I recognized, so I knew he was in it.  I’d love to learn more about your porn productions.  If interested in telling me more, please shoot over another message with best email to contact you.  BTW… totally agree on the male performers often being shafted when it comes to receiving credit for their work; this industry is horrible about that.

quadblowjobbing is from True Anal Stories #3, scene 2 with Olga Martnez, David Perry, Leslie Taylor, Mike Foster, Phillipe Soine and Rocco (of course!)

You’re the shit.  Merci beaucoup.


This is hot. Quadblowjobbing.

Click HERE for more Double Blowjobs!

Wow!  Anybody know the source of this?

UPDATE: The scene has been identified as Scene 2 in Rocco’s True Anal Stories #3.

I love humans.

Source unknown (but desired).

I love humans.

Source unknown (but desired).

see the message an anon just sent me about one of your gifsets. any idea? PS-- keep up the amazing work. you have impeccable taste. :) -trey


Sorry, I got the video from a tube site and the original poster did not credit the actress or scene name.  Here is the link… the video is just over 30 seconds long and only features the jousting.

Hey Trey. Do You know what movie is that hot sidesaddle DP from, that You have reposted on 7th August? Or do You know name of the actress? Anything that can help find the video?

I sadly do not yet know the source of that hot gif.  In fact, just before seeing this message, I edited the post asking if anyone knows the source.  Stay tuned; I’ll see what I can dig up.

8 August 1 Anonymous Permalink
Look at that amazing sidesaddle DP!  Holy FUCK!
Anybody know the video source for this gif?

Look at that amazing sidesaddle DP!  Holy FUCK!

Anybody know the video source for this gif?

The post with the guy pouring cum on the other cock is from "collegepartytimes" the actress in the scene is Riley Brooks. Your welcome. ;)

Dude you are the fucking shit.  THANK YOU!  All this blog’s followers thank you!  It’ll be posted to the site within a couple days.  I love this blog’s followers!

7 August 10 Anonymous Permalink
I'm trying to look for a video you once had posted here. It was a scene where these 2 guys (Nacho and Mic Blue, I think) are hanging out with their friend having a BBQ. The daughter of their friend was a petite redhead who wanted to fuck daddy's friends. All I know, was the dp scenes were hot as fuck, It ends when the dad discovered that his friends had fucked his daughter and was gonna get his shotgun. It was called "Don't Fuck His Daughter." Help, you are my only hope.

Oh, yes.  I know exactly what video you are talking about.  I uploaded it.  Sadly, I began to learn that the studio who makes that video is really good about having their videos taken down within about a week of uploading.  I’ve heard that some porn studios have included digital watermarks in their videos that are undetectable to the human eye, but can be read by software that scans the interwebz looking for the video embedded on other websites.

Suffice to say it doesn’t exist anymore in the form that you briefly saw it here.  In fact, I’m surprised you remembered that when it wasn’t online for very long!  Oh, and by the way it was Ramon Nomar and Jordan Ash, not Nacho and Mick, and I can see how you mixed them up for sure.  You can find the full title and a short clip of the scene you’re looking for right here.  Enjoy!


30 July 13 Anonymous Permalink
Any idea where the "Do as your told" clip came from, looks REALLY hot

I also tried looking the full scene of that hot clip up, and I turned up empty handed.  The vid is tagged, which apparently no longer exists.  If anybody has any leads on this, please let us know!  -trey

UPDATE: Thanks to shit2jack2 for identifying the starlet in this clip as Vanessa Gold.  The source of the clip is, though we can’t find it online anywhere.  You can, however watch the trailer.

16 July 2 Anonymous Permalink
Please tell me you have the full video of that southern exposure DV


That was some REALLY hot shit, right?  I even made a gif of that southern exposure DP a while back.  It was before I really knew how to make gifs, so don’t judge.  LOL.

You’re in luck!  While I don’t have a full version of it, that clip comes from 1996’s ‘Kiss Ass' and it stars Angel Hart, Steve Hatcher and Rick Masters.  -trey

16 July 5 Anonymous Permalink
Hey trey da don lol, any chance you could get someone to id this scene fuckyeahfriendlyfire-this-will-make-you-cum (dpp one u posted on 16th july) I remember it from 2 years back or maybe it was last year, amazing clip

Yeah I got multiple messages about that one.  Another message I received:

"You posted a video not too long ago of a blonde getting a double vag. First in the cowgirl position then in a double spooning. What’s the name of the girl or movie/clip so we can see the whole thing?"

It’s fucking hot as all hell, right!?!  Well that little beauty is from a fetish film called Elbow Deep: 100 Percent Hardcore Fisting 2.  The scene you’re looking for is #15.  The guy on the left is Sunny Green.  The one on the right MAY be Ricardo Bell but not sure.  Can’t get an ident on the blonde.  -trey

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