Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire

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I just want to thank all of you who keep sending me these incredible creampie gangbangs, which has steadfastly become my addiction of the moment.  Here’s yet another one for your viewing pleasure.  Fuck… I can’t get enough of this shit.  Not only does this get me off to watch, but I also really am legitimately intrigued and fascinated by the human experience when I see shit like this.  Like… LOOK AT US!  LOOK what we would do and be like en masse if we knew there would be no repercussions.

Anyway… enjoy the fuck out of this hot sloppy seconds creampie gangbang fuckathon.  Brought to you be the sexually depraved nation of Germany, naturally.  ;)

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The director of this film has directed some bi films before.  And it shows.  This hour-long European gangbang movie is super homoerotic.  In the first scene we see a gang of clowns gangbang a hot little blonde.  Got a fear of clowns?  This may not be the video for you.  Right away the video opens up into the action.  It’s so funny to see the costumes on the guys.

Hot sporking and spit roasting at 1:36.  I don’t know WTF these dudes are saying, but there sure is a lot of chatter going on.  Pay attention to the background starting around 3:00.  Some of the clowns have to jerk off and watch as the ones fucking get some action.  Cum begins at ~10:00.

Scene 2 begins at 13:00.  What are all these noises these guys are making?!  LOL.  European guys express themselves verbally much more freely than we Yankees.  The costume director of this feature deserves an AVN award.  Said no one ever.  But the fucking is hot so who cares.  The director has no problem whatsoever showing the background circle jerking at 23:35.  Most directors would just keep the camera down low on the action.  

The action to watch here begins at about 28:38.  A series of cake-filled reverse piledrivers begins.  Now you KNOW that shit is hot.  One after the other the men put their derrieres on display for the audience watching and the director keeps the camera panned out the entire time.  Not to mention those background dudes are still beatin’ their meat.  This whole situation is very interesting.  Interesting and hot, for sure.  Europeans, I swear.  They start cumming just before 32:00.  How was the cumshot at 32:27 only a near miss!?  AND THEN THE ONE AT 32:37 as well!?!

Scene 3 kicks off at 35:40.  There’s a good cock-to-pussy ratio going on here.  Again with the fucking costumes.  LOL.  A series of hot doggy style fucks begins at 43:40.  Check out the proximity at 48:30 as one guy is face fucking her and another is sporking her.  Your favorite is back… more reverse piledrivers at 55:10.  Cum at 58:18.  That must’ve been quite the orgasm.

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I can’t believe I am saying this YET AGAIN so soon, but by God… this is one of the fucking HOTTEST and MESSIEST creampie gangbangs I’ve ever seen.  Leave it to the fucking Germans, of course.  Oh, and obviously, this is going directly into the Hall of FFame.  There’s plenty of sloppy seconds creampie fucking and hot shots of churning butter.  Love it when that dude with the big uncut dick plays in the cum with his dick at 8:37.  So fucking hot.  9:14!!!  I’ve watched this sucker probably 6 times already in just a couple days… it’s epic.  You will cum.  Get ready.  I’m not even going to break this down any further… just grab yourself and have at it.  You’re welcome.

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Rocco and Franco must really have a good bond going on, because here they are yet again bringing their homoerotic A-game.  Just take a look at this brief clip showcasing some of the most homoerotic double penetration you’ll ever see.  These two give zero fucks, clearly.  The missionary DP begins at :20 and the momentum only builds from here.

Seriously… the :38 mark.  We are not even a fucking minute into this shit!  Wait… no seriously the :57 mark!!!  That takes some confidence in one’s sexuality if you know what I mean.

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This is an old clip… I think I’ve even posted variations of this clip in the past… but nevertheless, it’s hot.  Some of my favorite things:  German, bareback, blonde, creampie, gangbang.  Wank on, my friends!


I honestly don’t know what I would do without my German porn.  I could just cry… And I’m just sayin… the one dude who wore a condom should’ve been asked to leave.  Dafuq he there for!?

If you guys aren’t already, you definitely should follow gbvid for some of the absolute HOTTEST gangbang videos on the net!  Chris does an outstanding job scouring the net for the hottest gangbang material, so check him out.

Kinky Italian porn.  Double handjob and blowjob at 8:15.  Double tit suck @ 12:56.  Finger proximity @ 14:56.  And 21:18.  Fucklicking at ~26:56.  Actually that’s more like bush licking, really.  Hmm.  Cowgirl DP @ 30:25.  There’s some pretty clear deliberate touching going on around 32:30.  This dude’s got a thing for finger proximity.  Really nice reverse cowgirl DP kicks off around 34:20.  UNF!

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Take 4 horny guys, add 2 dancing sluts and what do you get?  FUN!  That’s what you fucking get!


Hot cowgirl DP @ 8:00.  Love it when Jean-Pierre pushes the young buck down at 10:25.  Not sure what that was about, but whatever.  Circle jerking and cumming begins around 22:40.

My, my, my.  I just love finds like these two videos.  Cum is seriously EVERYWHERE in these outstanding gangbang clips.  In part 1 we see many guys cumming on a chick’s titties back-to-back, and some fucking her cum covered body.  Check out the guy nearly fall over after cumming at ~2:50.  His buddy even reaches up to catch him from falling!  LOL!  Don’t miss the dual cumshots at about 10:35… pretty sure that’s some friendly fire right there.  Fuck yeah!

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For part 2, we see much of the same kind of action.  Plenty of good cum covered fucking and bareback gangbang action.  Very nice!

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This is the kind of shit I’m talkin’ about.  Naked bodies and dicks everywhere ready to fuck willing holes.  2 Italian girls don’t make a single guy wrap up and take their loads in their pussies and on their faces.  Oh… and a dude cums on her mouth and then kisses her at 61:55.  No big deal.  Enjoy!

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Just a quick public service reminder, Christmas is cumming soon!   Ok, that was lame… but I needed to do something for this Clip which is a hot German Gang Bang that took place at Christmas so there are decorations, Santa hats, confetti and streamers.  Oh, and cum.  Lots and lots of cum.


And condoms.  Lots and lots of condoms.  Ugh!