Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire

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Hour-plus vintage gangbang scene.  I’m not gonna lie… I really dig gangbangs from this era in porn.  Big hair, acid-washed denim and all.  Notice how once Crystal begins servicing T.T. Boy, the other men are sitting around watching and jerking off.  Like at ~4:45.  She then goes around the circle sucking each man’s dick.

Cowgirl DP begins at 17:00.  Cumshots begin at 20:00 where we see the first friendly fire cumshot.  Fuck yeah!  In scene 2, T.T. Boy really starts to fuck Lana Sands’ brains out at 33:00.  Nice views of the fucking throughout.  I don’t know about you, but I find the action that begins at about 43:25 mark to be quite homoerotic.  The couch proximity and incidental touching.  That’s hot.

Scene 3 ends with one helluva EPIC friendly fire cumshot at 72:35.  Holy fuck… that’s dual friendly fire cumshots!  FUUUUUUCK YEAH!  SOFA KING HOT!

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It’s a vintage film, so you already know there’s going to be friendly fire in it.  LOL!  I’m not gonna lie either, most this shit in the beginning didn’t do jack for me.  So skip all the way to the scene that begins at ~62:15.  Double tit suck @ 63:16.  Finger proximity @ 68:15.  Jean Pierre nearly blasts Jon with friendly fire cum @ 78:40, but it appears to only be a near miss cumshot.  Not to worry though, for Jon hits him with a mondo friendly fire cumshot.  Fuck yeah!  A hot DP scene with Richard Langin and Roberto Malone follows and it’s a goodie as well.

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Tumblr user anniearenotok couldn’t believe I didn’t know about this “holy grail of friendly fire films.”  So here you have it… and I totally agree, this vintage film is quite the gem for any friendly fire enthusiast.  Can someone tell me what was it about this era that enabled men to seemingly have very little inhibitions in porn?  How many times have you seen friendly fire in a vintage MFM scene?  My guess is quite a bit.

Can I say that I love that this opens up with a disclaimer about the anal sex content of the film.  We have made some sexual progress in the last few decades, people.  But I will say that later on in the video when the anal does happen, I very much felt how taboo it was at the time; just how they focus on it… you’ll see.

The first scene pretty much opens up with a double tit suck at 3:30.  And don’t miss the incidental (or is that deliberate?) touching going on during the finger proximity at 8:06.  That finger is totally repeatedly grazing that dude’s dick.  I’m just sayin’.  VINTAGE PORN, people!  Vintage porn!  They didn’t give a GOD damn!

There’s a lot more in this long film that you’re not going to want to miss including jousting and doubleheader blowjobs, friendly fire cumshots (like the one at 74:10 in the middle of a cowgirl dp), and of COURSE the anal sex.  So taboo, that anal sex!  Don’t miss a guy taking a friendly fire cumshot direct to the chest at 76:05!  Outstanding!  This is a friendly fire classic for sure!

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The first of THREE scenes opens up right in the middle of a hot cowgirl DP as Nick and Bob thrust in and out of her holes.  She gives a doubleheader blowjob at 3:32.  Reverse cowgirl DP @ 4:40.  There’s a lot of hot DP here until they both finally cum on her face.

Scene 2 opens up just after 11:00 with J.J. and George double teaming a gorgeous blonde.  She gets a creampie from George at 15:15.

Scene 3 begins at 15:45, and again we are first treated to a DP.  Nice.  But the very BEST part of this entire 24 minute video is the amazing friendly fire cumshot @ 22:20.  The look on the bald dude’s face when George shoots that huge cumshot is priceless.  AND THEN he sticks his dick right back in her and fucks her some MORE post-cumshot!  That’s some hot cum covered fucking for you.  George cums for the second time in the finale… dude’s a multiple sneezer!

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Within the first minute of this hot European MFM scene, Adam and Mario spend some time passionately kissing her neck together.  The reverse cowgirl DP begins at 10:20.  If you’re familiar with Mario Rossi’s work, the 10:50 cake show will come as no surprise.  But I mean if my ass looked like that, it would permanently be on display.  I gotta hit the gym.

That is such a fucking hot DP.  And it just keeps on going and going.  They switch to cowgirl DP at 13:50.  All of this isn’t even the best part.  Watch for the friendly fire cumshot at 17:10 via Adam.  Fuck yeah!  Mario just seems to lie there and take it.  And THEN Adam sticks his dick in the cum that is on her ass hole and dripping onto Mario’s cock.  Mind = BLOWN.

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Really fucking hot!  Start watching the scene that begins around 25:27.  Watch at 31:20 to see Frank and Nick getting double sucked in the king of clubs position.  Yes.  Double barrel blowjob @ 32:27.  Cowgirl DP @ 36:33.  The guys face off at 38:05 and get double sucked again while doing a little joustingDouble facial and extreme near miss cumshots at 38:42.

Now skip ahead to 65:05.  Nick and Frank return for another MFM scene you don’t want to miss.  Cowgirl DP @ 74:20.  At 76:32 Nick shoots Frank with a friendly fire cumshot right out of the DP.  Frank keeps fucking with a bit of Nick’s cum on his cock.  Fuck yeah!

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The scene to watch for here kicks off in the latter half around 61:50.  European porn legend and FY!FF favorite Backey Jakic is putting on one of his usual shows at 68:00 during an incredibly hot double vaginal fuck.  69:35… wow.  An equally hot cowgirl DP follows.  For the love of God!  Someone grab a candle for all that cake!  All of this isn’t even the best part.  Wait for the superb friendly fire cumshot during the DP @  74:00.  It actually looks like both guys shoot FF onto the other.  Fuck yeah!

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