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I love when people send me videos that I highly doubt I would have found on my own.  The follower of the blog who sent this one in gave a great tip I wanted to share with you guys.  He says search for common porn categories (ex: double vaginal) in another language on the tube sites.  In this example, ‘doble vaginal' in Spanish.  And even though I've studied Spanish my whole life and even lived in a foreign country before, I never even thought of that.  Pro porn searching tips brought to you by the badass followers of this blog, peeps!

Okay highlights here… Double tit suck @ 2:40.  Jousting & dick slapping @ 6:53.  Reverse cowgirl double vaginal kicks off at 22:22.  This is really fucking HOT DV!  Bit of ball slapping in here as well.  Don’t worry… there’s more double pussy penetration at 25:15.  Nice fucking view.  They make it a cowgirl double vaginal at 28:37.  Double facial at the end.

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OMG I LOVE two big dicks in my pussy!

I love two dicks in your pussy too!


Poohbear and Johann back again with Jacki Love (creampie) My sexy chubby studs are BACK. The 5some sensory overload nearly put me in a dick coma. So, I invited these guys back again, so I could enjoy their chubby goodness all on their own. Johann arrived early and was horny and started fucking me while I was updating my social networks ;). Poohbear arrives shortly afterwards and we start up our clip. It doesn’t take long for Poohbear to give me a nice thick load. Johann felches his load out, because he’s freaky like that, and offers to share it with me. What he didnt realize is that the load WAS HUGE, so he couldnt get Poohbear’s cum out of his mouth fast enough haha, we even bumped teeth. Poohbear has a dick that never goes down, so right after I ride Johann for a moment or two with my pussy still dripping wet cum all over his cock. Poohbear goes in for some Double Vag, and just the feeling of being the meat in this chubby guy sandwich, made me squirt harder and longer than I have in a long time! Plus the camera was right there to catch it all. HOT! I needed a cigarette after that so you get to see me have a little smoke break with my naked chubbies sitting around me :). I love these moments. After the interlude we get back too it. With both guys licking and fucking me, and some fucklicking too! They beat my pussy up and I enjoyed every minute. We end with Johann giving me a creampie big boy can move, he pounds me almost into submission, ALMOST :) I challenge him to do it next time :) Thanks to all the fans for the support of us getting all this good dick :) Enjoy. Buy Now

Jacki has done it AGAIN!  You guys… take my word for it.  This scene is SO goddamn hot!  I’ve watched it probably 10 times now and it’s proving why all these other amateur bitches need to look over their shoulder for Jacki Love.  The MFM action that comes from this site never disappoints.  This one’s got fucklicking, dualingus, creampie felching and cum swapping, DV and more!  These photos here honestly don’t even do this scene the justice it deserves.  Consider this scene a MUST watch!

The guy who sent this to me started the message with, “Holy shit dude. If you haven’t seen this one yet… it’s a keeper.”  Yeah, yeah.  Heard it all before, I thought.  “I’ll be the judge of that!”  So yeah it didn’t take very long for me to realize that I needed to add this mother fuckin’ HOT AS FUCK shit to the FY!FF Hall of FFame.  HOLY SHIT!  You aren’t ready for this!  Your DICK sure as hell ain’t ready for this!

Alright so hottie Adriana talks a bit and then around 2:20 an all-star cast o’ dick surrounds her for what will be one of the absolute HOTTEST gangbangs you’ve ever seen.  You KNOW I don’t lie!  Here are the highlights:

  • Mick lunging into Erik’s crotch at 9:10.  Erik can’t seem to take his eyes off of that big ol’ dick.
  • 11:40 - 1st DP; and it’s double vaginal.  Note also: air-tight seal.
  • 12:25 - Mick’s nuts are boxing Erik’s dick.
  • 31:25 - Criss gets in on the DP action, switching to DV at 13:35.
  • 14:30 - John decides to take a ride on Erik’s thigh as they DP her.  No big deal; these boys go way back in the biz.  And we get even more double vaginal.  #WINNING.
  • 18:18 - Exactly HOW is she fitting all that dick into her cunt?
  • 19:00 - First double anal.  You love this video.  I know.  Just wait.
  • 21:11 - More DA.
  • 22:12 - Note the interesting double anal position.  Now note the third cock addition at 22:33.  Turned on yet?  That is a TRIPLE PENETRATION, ladies and gentlemen!
  • 23:50 - more double anal.
  • 24:20 - more TRIPLE PENETRATION!  Actually one of the kinkiest ways I’ve seen it done.  And that’s triple ANAL, people.  FUUUUUUCK YES!
  • 26:30 - More DA.  This seems so basic now, amiright?  She’s not pushing herself hard enough!
  • 27:40 - You didn’t think the triple penetration was over already did you?  What would you think about another triple anal?  My cock can’t believe it’s mind right now.
  • 28:25 - Y’all.  They do even more triple anal.  I can’t take it.  I love humans.
  • 30:15 - double vaginal returns, and oh wait… nope, that’s another GOD DAMN triple penetration!!!  !@#(%$#(*@ @#(!*($(#@*&  Praise H-I-M!
  • 32:35 - double vaginal.  Fuck, they fooled me again.  EVEN MORE MOTHER FUCKING TRIPLE PENETRATION!!!!!!  I’ve lost count now.  This is god damn AMAZING.  How is this bitch even still ALIVE after this pussy massacre?  Like… her life will never be the same again.  Nor will her ass.
  • 46:45 - Are they SERIOUS with yet ANOTHER triple penetration!?!  This has to be a record # for one porn scene.  My fellow 3P enthusiasts correct me if I’m wrong.
  • 37:50 - 1st cumshot to the face.

One of the absolute GREATEST gangbangs I’ve ever seen.  And I’ve probably seen more gangbang porn than a person should see in one lifetime.  :-)

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The best sensation ever!! double stuffing @mrssiren tight pussy @mrsiren Wish my cock was 1 of these 2 dvp!! #sirenstrokers


The best sensation ever!! double stuffing @mrssiren tight pussy @mrsiren Wish my cock was 1 of these 2 dvp!! #sirenstrokers

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Part 3 of 6 - The early years, first time I put two cocks in my pussy at the same time…. both exploded inside me :)


Part 4 of 6 first dpp


part 5 of 6 - first dpp creampie

Yep.  Straight to the Hall of FFame.  Get ready to edge out a nice long bate session to this one.  Where. do. I. begin?  Let’s dig in, and maybe you’ll see why I’ve given this gangbang scene HoFF status.  She gives this long ass interview… blah blah blah, cut to 4:00 as she begins a ginormous circle suck around the table.  As she sucks one cock, the other men jerk off and watch as she goes around the circle.  This is kinda hot.

They do a round robin spit roast circle, and at 34:15 we see her get a reverse cowgirl DP.  But it’s the interracial double vaginal that kicks off at about 36:30 that takes the cake for me.  More DV at 37:30.  And at 38:25.  Wow, this is actually quite a bit of DV.  Very nice.  At 39:37 that dude pretty much just gets in a cock fight with the guy in anchor position.

NIIIIICE reverse cowgirl double vaginal follows.  Two guys finger her at ~42:00.  NICE.  Reverse cowgirl double anal @ 54:00.  DAMN, GINA!  And there’s a lot more where that came from.  A little ball slapping at 57:15 ain’t hurting anybody.  Tons more DP happens; this shit is fan-fucking-TASTIC!  Back-to-back creampies and sloppy seconds fucking kick off at ~63:38.  Is that a fuckin’ Hall of FFamer or WHAT!?

Link for mobile.


Some Sloppy Seconds Creampie Fun.

Description: I’ve taken many pictures and videos over the years with almost all of them ending in a creampie. This has to be one of the messiest creampies I’ve ever received. Wayne and Buddy DPP me, Wayne blows a huge load in my pussy as Buddy continues to pound me. A couple more minutes go by and Buddy shoots a huge load in me as I ride his cock. What a mess!

AMAZING cowgirl double pussy penetration kicks off at about 1:48.  Love how his buddy blows his load in there and the anchor guy continues to fuck her, using his buddy’s cum as lube… and getting mighty frothy, might I add!  So fucking YES!


Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire is the FIRST and *premier* tumblr dedicated to friendly fire cumshots, and is your definitive source for kinky straightish porn. In addition to amazing friendly fire, Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire focuses on all other deliciously homoerotic and bromantic goodness in heterosexual pornography.

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