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Don’t watch this if ***ROUGH PORN*** is offensive to you.  I’m serious.  No bitching, you’ve been warned.  The action begins to pick up around 3:30.  I didn’t know this kinda shit went down at Home Depot.  She begins to circle suck their cocks at 5:45.  Like a baby to a teet.  Check the proximity at 14:05.  It almost looks like Xander hits Tommy’s dick with his thighs or something.

We get the first cowgirl DP @ 19:20.  They give her DP and air-tight seal galore.  There’s some hot double vaginal at 26:20 and don’t miss the amazing lucky hand at 28:24— Xander is in her ass and Tommy starts fingering her pussy.  There’s also one helluva TRIPLE PENETRATION @ 29:30.  Toni Ribas (up top in her ass) is really doing a lot of these in his scenes lately.  Reverse cowgirl DP @ 31:15.  Cumshots at 47:00.

Who can help me identify the starlet in this scene?  Please shoot me a message, thanks!

Link for mobile.

AMAAAAAZING amateur British clip featuring some outstanding bareback interracial double vaginal fucking.  Who’s cum is that all over their cocks while they’re fucking? 

Your genitalia will thank you for watching this one.  Love hearing the girl behind the camera talking like a dirty slag in that British accent.  I really need to see more of this.

Link for mobile.

Short amateur clip featuring some really hot double vaginal.  I normally wouldn’t post shit like this because of the offensively obnoxious adverts embedded into the vid, but I am hoping somebody recognizes this and can point me to a non-douchey version free of the ads.  That and I’m such a sucker for amateur DV.  Anybody know where we can find the rest of this?

Link for mobile.

Brazilian FY!FF fan Rodrigo shares another couple of shots with us, again of a nice double vag fuck.  He’s on top in the DV, he says while adding, “I don’t like to be on the bottom much.”

Why don’t I get sent more stuff like this from you guys?  Let’s see some more hot amateur DP action!  OH!  Have you followed me on my new twitter account yet? 

Is it just me or does triple penetration actually seem… common these days?  Anybody else remember the days of porn when seeing a 3P was an earth-shattering event?  #Progress

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