Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire

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This outdoor Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature starts off with just some rough 1-on-1 play, and at 24:30, they’re joined by Zenza.  Reverse cowgirl DP @ 29:17.  Check out the lucky hand action @ 30:25.  These guys clearly have no proximity limits.  More DP @ 32:00.  Holy shit… look at that lucky hand @ 35:12!  YES!  Don’t miss the double anal @ 38:00.

At 40:12 one of the guy starts slapping her cheek while his buddy’s cock is inside her mouth.  Hot.  More reverse cowgirl DP @ 43:10.  Double anal again at 43:40.  Face sitting @ 45:40.  She rims more ass at 47:13.  The double anal just keeps on fucking going.  She gets an anal creampie at 56:35 followed by a couple of facials.  It’s a shame that the guy on the right moves out of the way of a potential good FF at 57:34.  Wimp.

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Holy fuck!  This interracial double anal feature is going directly to the Hall of FFame.  Pop out your favorite lube and find out why.  The swordsmen appear at 15:40 and right away Kid starts playing with her ass.  If the sight of anal fisting doesn’t sit well with you, then skip to about 21:00.  At 21:20 they begin the double anal fucking.  Well I’ll be God damned.  That’s fucking outstanding!

Notice the toe sucking at 23:40… Kid loves to make the ladies do that, especially in that position (see also 26:10).  And then we’re back to watching those huge black dicks fucking her asshole.  More DA @ 25:45.  All sorts of big dick jousting around the 27:37 mark.  Fuck.

Next up is a bunch of reverse cowgirl DP.  Notice how AGAIN, Kid doesn’t give a fuck about proximity or jousting at 31:43.  Check the wishbone DP going on at 42:20.  Fuck yeah!  With dicks that huge, we ALL could easily pull of wishbone DP’s.  Holy damn… at 44:00 they make it a double anal wishbone DP!  At 45:40 they surprise us with some double vaginal.  But that’s not even the end… don’t miss the doggy style DP at 47:00!!!

I literally cannot believe my eyes… at 48:10 they are really fucking this chick double anal in the doggy style DP position.  Bravo!  Kid shoots his load into her ass at 51:26.  At 52:50 we see Ed fuck the hole Kid just came in before he eventually cums into the same hole.  Hey, a little sloppy seconds never hurt nobody!

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Meridian plays up the slut role quite well in this hot European scene.  The men eventually circle her for a little oral pleasure.  Notice at 10:40 how Frank and Alberto are nearly sitting side-by-side on the bed.  The 17:52 mark is hot.  Note the finger proximity @ 18:00.  And 19:10.  Don’t miss the double anal @ 22:36.  Some circle jerking starts at 24:00 as Michael Chapman creepily stares on.

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Michael gets this little blonde all worked up and by 10:30 John joins in on the fun.  They begin a reverse cowgirl DP @ 11:40.  She double sucks and jousts their cocks for a double barrel blowjob at 13:00.  They DP her some more, again in reverse, followed by standard cowgirl DP.

The double anal happens at 19:50.  I love witnessing condomless double anal, don’t you?  I mean, I’m so amazed by it.  They do it again at 24:25.  And a cowgirl DA @ ~27:50.  At 31:50 they keep with the double anal theme… this time in the cradle DP position.  Fuck yes.  Sloppy seconds just after the 36:00 mark.  My penis is quite pleased with this scene.

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Really hot outdoor MMMF scene, though the vid quality could be a lot better.  Lucky hand @ 5:55.  Reverse cowgirl DP @ 7:32.  Interesting proximity @ 10:05.  Double anal @ 13:30.  FUCK YES!  Another reverse cowgirl DP @ 18:42.  And more double anal @ 19:05.  She rims man hole at 22:45.  That appears to be even more DA at 24:00.  Definitely DA at 25:05… and 28:25.  Some ball slapping here too.  Cum is shot into her ass hole at 32:05.  The subsequent cumshot was a near miss for sure.

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