Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire

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This is the kind of shit I’m talkin’ about.  Naked bodies and dicks everywhere ready to fuck willing holes.  2 Italian girls don’t make a single guy wrap up and take their loads in their pussies and on their faces.  Oh… and a dude cums on her mouth and then kisses her at 61:55.  No big deal.  Enjoy!

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FY!FF All-Star William Le Bris is up to his same old antics in this extremely hot DP scene co-starring a gorgeous blonde and Phil Hollyday.  The guys lie side-by-side at 5:40 for blowjobs.  If you know the work of WLB like I know it, you already know this dude gives not a single fuck about proximity to another dude.

Super fuckin’ hot double cock jousting at 7:25 during that double barrel blowie.  William kisses her mouth after Phil’s cock was just in it at 8:48 and we’re treated to even more jousting friendliness.  The first sexy DP begins at 11:30.  A reverse cowgirl DP kicks off at 14:50.  Finger proximity at 17:50. 

Cum flies at 23:20.  Phil kisses her mouth full of his own cum right afterward, and then at ~24:00 when William cums next, he overhoots onto Phil’s hand!  Fuck yeah!  Friendly fire!  Now you know Phil didn’t need to put his hand there; it’s almost like he was asking for it!

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Poohbear and Johann back again with Jacki Love (creampie) My sexy chubby studs are BACK. The 5some sensory overload nearly put me in a dick coma. So, I invited these guys back again, so I could enjoy their chubby goodness all on their own. Johann arrived early and was horny and started fucking me while I was updating my social networks ;). Poohbear arrives shortly afterwards and we start up our clip. It doesn’t take long for Poohbear to give me a nice thick load. Johann felches his load out, because he’s freaky like that, and offers to share it with me. What he didnt realize is that the load WAS HUGE, so he couldnt get Poohbear’s cum out of his mouth fast enough haha, we even bumped teeth. Poohbear has a dick that never goes down, so right after I ride Johann for a moment or two with my pussy still dripping wet cum all over his cock. Poohbear goes in for some Double Vag, and just the feeling of being the meat in this chubby guy sandwich, made me squirt harder and longer than I have in a long time! Plus the camera was right there to catch it all. HOT! I needed a cigarette after that so you get to see me have a little smoke break with my naked chubbies sitting around me :). I love these moments. After the interlude we get back too it. With both guys licking and fucking me, and some fucklicking too! They beat my pussy up and I enjoyed every minute. We end with Johann giving me a creampie big boy can move, he pounds me almost into submission, ALMOST :) I challenge him to do it next time :) Thanks to all the fans for the support of us getting all this good dick :) Enjoy. Buy Now

Jacki has done it AGAIN!  You guys… take my word for it.  This scene is SO goddamn hot!  I’ve watched it probably 10 times now and it’s proving why all these other amateur bitches need to look over their shoulder for Jacki Love.  The MFM action that comes from this site never disappoints.  This one’s got fucklicking, dualingus, creampie felching and cum swapping, DV and more!  These photos here honestly don’t even do this scene the justice it deserves.  Consider this scene a MUST watch!

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I fucking love German gangbangs.  LOVE.  And this one’s a goodie.  Action kicks off around 11:30, as she sucks cock while blindfolded.  Watch the proximity between this dude’s head and another guy’s crotch @ ~15:05.  Then watch him give her some INCREDIBLY hot fucklicking @ 21:25!  They’re German; no big deal.

Get ready for a really HOT reverse cowgirl DP @ 26:55.  I love how everybody is positioned here.  This little German dude is a kinky son of a bitch!  Watch the finger proximity at 30:10.  Hot anal doggy action at 41:45.  They cum everywhere on this chick at the end.  And at 53:40 Fash feeds her his cum and then French kisses her cummy mouth as Jeremy looks on in amazement.  YES.

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God bless America.  Or wherever the fuck this shit was made.  Fans of interracial black-on-white gangbangs will be MOST pleased after watching this shit right here.  This shit, which could by many accounts be considered borderline bi (i.e. amazing).  You know how I love finding vids where black men push boundaries, since it seems to be so rare.  Watch the finger proximity @ 10:05.  Double blowjob @ 12:00.  And can we talk about 12:50 please?!  Such a hot double BJ, not to mention the incidental touching.

Pay close attention to the 13:38 mark.  See this guy holding back his buddy’s leg!?!?  Didn’t expect that shit!  A bunch of hot spit roasting follows.  At 22:22 you’ll see a hot cowgirl DP.  And don’t miss the submissionary position (aka ‘amazon position’) @ 28:53.  The DP that starts at 29:50 is just perfection.  OH!  And the one at 32:20.  Love the position at 34:30.  This little white chick is eating black man ass at 40:55. 

Holy fuck @ the lucky hand action at 44:17.  Goddamn!  Dual fingerbang @ 44:47.  Cum happens at 56:08 and then the guy gives her a CUM KISS!  Is this real life!?!?!  It’s an all-out cum fest after that.  Enjoy!

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Do you know who is that swordman? in xnxx video3482832/culo_perfecto. The video is pretty vanilla beside two things. He comes around 8mins and just keep going , at the end he cum again and give her a nice cum kiss

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Yeah, that’s Bruce Venture, whom you can follow right here on tumblr.  The reason he’s not featured here more is for the exact thing you mentioned… he usually does vanilla porn.  And nothing about FY!FF is vanilla.  :-)

But yeah that was a really hot scene.  The cum kiss at the end did surprise me.

THIS. MOTHER. FUCKING. SHIT. RIGHT. HERE!!!  This Hall of FFamer is exactly the little hidden gem you look for in an FY!FF video post.  Just wait.  They finally start to get busy around the 10:00 mark.  Alex’s monster Italian sausage is exposed at 13:30, but it takes until almost 17:00 for them to spit roast Laura.  Looks boring as fuck, huh?  Ha… just keep stroking.  Have I ever let you down before?

Your brain won’t believe your eyes, but at the 25:58 mark, Alex literally turns around and straddles his buddy and sits bare-assed on the dude’s stomach so that they can get a fucking INSANE double barrel blowjob.  First time I saw this I blew a monster wad.  What the FUCK am I going to call THAT!?  Okay the rest of this thing kinda pale’s in comparison to that, so if you want to do like I did the first time and just keep rewinding it, that’s cool.  We’ll be here when you get back.

Where the fuck are these people right now?  Moving right along… she sucks and jousts two at 33:30.  Spit roasting, and then a nice reverse cowgirl DP follows.  Duncan Hines cakes at 37:32.  Great view at 38:48.  Surprise cum @ 41:25.  There’s a hot-as-fuck piledriver after that, and just before this mother fucker ends… there’s a god damn CUM KISS at 47:30.  I just can’t.  This was ace shit.  You iz kind, you iz smart, you iz welcome.

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You know I love my Germans.  And this series specifically.  Things get very interesting early on, when at 2:30, a guy leans in and gives her a cum kiss… with another man’s cum.  You know… no big deal.  Great jousting and double BJ action follows.  Helpin’ a buddy out by spreading her ass open at ~3:30. 

Little bit of a sloppy seconds blowjob @ ~7:47, followed by some nice triple blowjob sucking and jousting.  Cowgirl DP @ ~9:30.  Near miss cumshot @ 10:36, followed immediately by another.  Honestly, those might even be FF, but too close to call.  Cummy cock jousting @ 11:34.  I’m gonna need to obtain the full version of this shit.  So fucking hot.

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