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Marc Wallice hits Steve Hatcher with cum and Steve keeps talking about it, saying things like, “oh, he got me”, and “that’s the first time I’ve ever been shot.”  All this while laughing and kidding about it.  Fuck yeah!  Friendly fire!  Love when the camera guy tells Marc to give her a kiss after they cum all over her mouth. 

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This blog has the best followers on tumblr.  Period.  This Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature comes to you courtesy of one of them.  It’s a short video of 3 straight Jersey jocks fucking the same blow-up doll.  They DP the doll, appropriately named Snookie, and spit roast her… all while chatting it up and bro’ing down.  Male bonding at its finest!  Boys will be boys, won’t they?

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Do as you’re told.


An entertaining Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature!  The best thing about this extremely hot amateur triple penetration scene?  All the guys in the background coaching the performers in how to complete the 3P.  How bromantic!  They get so excited when they finally get it.  Fuck yes!

The bromance is turned up in this short scene, as Dries can’t keep his hands off many of his bros in this scene.

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Le French!  All I know is whenever I get to France, I’m looking for where all the people go to fuck.  I can’t get enough of their porn!  I just imagine in real life it’s like this scene, and you can just walk up to a damn tent in the park to get laid.  No?  If you’ve been following the blog for any length of time, you may recognize this production company, as their videos have been quite heavily rotated around FY!FF.

She makes two of the boys’ dicks joust at 7:15.  Some spit roasting follows before William fucks her in his signature reclined missionary position at 11:15.  Then at 11:40 we get a little tandem action.  I ain’t mad at the 16:30 mark.  And William decides to create yet ANOTHER crazy-kinky double penetration position that I’m going to now have to name at 17:25.  And that’s DV.  Damn… at 17:40 we see just how intimate of a DP position that is!

More double vaginal at 20:15.  More spit roasting around 25:30.  Proximity gets interesting at 26:15.  William just watches and jerks off next to the guy at 27:35… right before he hops up top for some more double vaginal.  Isn’t that William’s spit on that guy’s dick?  Ah!  There it is… the reclined DV position at 29:00 that Le Bris has made famous.  Dude on bottom looks like he’s in heaven in that DV.  LOL!

That might be my favorite spit roast position at 30:05.  How about a little skiing at 30:52?  33:02 is a fuck yes.  At the 38:25 mark, watch as William pulls off yet another one of his wacky acrobatic moves, the inverted piledriver.  But that’s not it.  At 38:30, his buddy on the left completely grabs William’s cock for one epic helping hand move to put the cock back in her after it slips out.  They all act like this is no big deal as they continue to help hold her up on William’s dick.

At 39:25 she jousts and double sucks.  Can I get a “hell yes” for 45:25?  Again with the proximity at 46:00.  But that’s not the half of it.  While lying next to the twink, William lays a kiss on his cheek at 46:30.  Because ya know… France.  I’m not a big cum-on-her-feet kinda guy, myself, but overall this was top-notch shit.

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This hot vintage French flick starts off looking like it’s going to be shit, but hold out there, friends… things get good pretty quickly.  Like at 3:52 when the guys get a double barrel blowjob in the king of clubs position.  At 6:02 Yves rests his hand on Jean-Pierre’s leg as Jean starts to fuck her.  And then at 7:00 while still in king of clubs, the boys give her double anal!  Not sure how she took those big dicks like that!  Anal piledriver @ 8:05.  Cowgirl double anal @ 10:40.  DAMN.

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This incredibly sexy Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature is a short clip from a juicy outdoor orgy during Brazzers Live 25.  Wait to see Toni jump into a really amazing and kinky and homoerotic missionary DP position with Ramon shortly after the beginning.  Notice Ramon rests his arm on his back.  Later, Voodoo gets his ass rimmed and then he kisses her immediately after.  REALLY HOT.  This entire film features crazy bromance and great male bonding… Sal Governale, the male host of the show really play’s the man’s man role well and gets into a little bromancing himself.  It’s really great how comfortable he is in this environment.  Hot shit right here.



Guys having fun !

sword fight eh!

Boys will be boys.


Mobile compatible fappable feature!  I fucking love Rocco.  This is a clip from yet again, another one of his beautiful masterpieces and features his BFFL Nacho.  Rocco gets a real nice rimjob in the beginning followed by a really REALLY sexy double doggy DP towards the end.  I love how these two have no inhibitions with MM proximity/contact.  Watch in awe as Rocco lets Nacho completely manhandle him in the doggy position as they DP this blonde.  FUCK FUCK FUCK YES!

Helping his bro out while his wife takes that thick black dick.  Atta boy!

Helping his bro out while his wife takes that thick black dick.  Atta boy!


A brief Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature - You asked, and now it is given!  I am so pleased to share with you, per the request of an Anon follower, a clip featuring stud Euro swordsmen Rocco Siffredi and Franco Roccaforte.  Rocco sticks his finger in a girl’s ass and Franco comes into the frame and licks Rocco’s finger!  Look how they have a good laugh about it!

One of the raunchiest and most homoerotic things to ever appear on my screen; very subtle and verrrrrry kinky.  Adding this one to the bromance collection for my eventual compilation.  As an American man, I am continually fascinated by the nonchalant homoeroticism exhibited in European porn.  When will us Yankees catch up?  Rocco is LEGEND, and my hero.

From Rocco’s Reverse Gangbang 2.


“Suck his dick and kiss me, suck his dick and kiss me!” Omar exclaims as he swaps saliva with this blonde in one of my favorite scenes!

And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is what is affectionately referred to as a ‘second hand blowjob.’


I’m no stranger to sharing my college buddy fap sessions.  As promised, and in honor of FY!FF crossing the 2,000 tumblr follower threshold today, as well as thousands of you who aren’t on tumblr coming back day after day, I give you another personal clip from The Archive.  Filmed in 2008, you’ll see me stroking in the beginning.  My college roommate had just walked in and gone to his bedroom; I was sitting on the couch, fully clothed, and decided I wanted to beat off.

We were really cool about nudity and masturbation in the house, and often watched porn, beat off together, shared fleshlights and walked around naked.  Just guys being guys and bonding; those days I miss.  I cranked up the porn and waited to see how long it would take him to come out of the room and join me, which is why you hear that giggle in the beginning :-)

Lo and behold, surprise, surprise, my roomie enthusiastically joined me in the living room, as only he could.  At first he doesn’t realize I’m recording, which is why the camera is kind of low and only shows his feet at first.  After he gets more comfortable and a nice stiffy going, pants come off and you see me move in with the camera.  He laughs when he realizes it, but of course he’s used to it and doesn’t mind.

You’ll see a dish towel on the carpet in the middle of us towards the end.  Yep.  That was for us to shoot our loads on.  Only instead, in our excitement, both of us shot way over the towel and all over the carpet.  My buddy, who owned the house, laughed with me and simply said, “don’t worry about it.”  I’ll never forget this day.  Sadly, I couldn’t find the clip with the cumshots.  :-(  

I still communicate with him via facebook and text from time to time, and preparing for this post today got me all worked up so I sent him a text to urge him to visit.  No reply as of yet.  Time for a naked JO buddy here in Austin for my next chapter…

PS— Stay glued to FY!FF for more 2K FFollower Appreciation Day gifts tonight.  :D

Bringing this one back out of the vault.  Such good memories.


As promised, in appreciation for crossing the 1,000 follower mark this week, I give you… a 4.5-year old video (can’t believe it’s been that long!) of me and my former college roommate and fraternity brother jerking off while watching some porn.  Long story…but supposedly some girl on xtube wanted us to tribute her photo.  I didn’t care, I just wanted an excuse to JO with him on camera; we did it off cam ALL the time.  I’m just glad I have this.  Don’t tell him I’m sharing this with you okay?  :D

Oh… and my cock is the pierced black one.  SURPRISE!  Up until last night that was the only piercing my dick had.  If you guys enjoy this one I have a couple more I might share as well.  Let me know!  And how ‘bout those cumshots, eh?  You might say I was pretty turned on.

The memories I have from living with this guy back in college are some that I will cherish (and jack off to) for a lifetime.  Every guy needs a good buddy he can bond and beat off with.


Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire is the FIRST and *premiere* tumblr dedicated to friendly fire cumshots, and is your definitive source for kinky straightish porn. In addition to amazing friendly fire, Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire focuses on all other deliciously homoerotic and bromantic goodness in heterosexual pornography.

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