Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire

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Have you ever fantasied about fucking that hottie in your office?  This hot little Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature right here will play right into those fantasies.  It’s actually hilarious to watch these guys’ horrible acting in the beginning before the fucking happens.  Guess now’s a good time to throw up the ***ROUGH WARNING***.  Watch James pat and squeeze Ramon’s left pec at 5:50.  Games are officially over at 15:00 when the men ambush her.

Damn Ava’s got immaculate titties.  The men don’t even bother taking off clothes.  These guys fuck her senseless like she owes them money.  Of note: the incredibly hot missionary DP @ 33:20.  Fuck YES.  Cowgirl DP and air-tight seal @ 36:50.  James’ big nutbag slaps Danny’s dick repeatedly.  LOL @ Danny’s face at 38:20 and then some… you can tell he’s really enjoying the feeling that DP is providing.

Ramon for the win at 42:33!  The air-tight seal at 45:05 is quite the sight.  Hot seeing her penetrated by all those big dicks.  Lots of rough DP follows.  All I can see at 58:00 are those beautiful titties.  I just wanna suck ‘em.  Cum flies @ 58:23.  If James had been a little closer, it’s apparent that he would’ve been a friendly fire victim.  At about 59:25 she receives an alleged creampie.  This scene was so fucking hot.

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Here’s a really hot reverse interracial (half-way, at least) MFM Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature starring Layla.  This is so damn hot.  When I saw the gifset, I knew I had to see this scene.  Fans of women with phat asses will really appreciate this one.  It is really hot to see her big ass ripple over and over as she’s pounded with dick.  Sadly there was no DP (and what a missed opportunity), but the scene is still hot.

If you can identify the two actors in the scene, please shoot me a message.

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EDIT: 10/19/14 - thank you to ALL of you who wrote in to let me know that the two guys are Justin Slayer and Preston Parker.

The director of this film has directed some bi films before.  And it shows.  This hour-long European gangbang movie is super homoerotic.  In the first scene we see a gang of clowns gangbang a hot little blonde.  Got a fear of clowns?  This may not be the video for you.  Right away the video opens up into the action.  It’s so funny to see the costumes on the guys.

Hot sporking and spit roasting at 1:36.  I don’t know WTF these dudes are saying, but there sure is a lot of chatter going on.  Pay attention to the background starting around 3:00.  Some of the clowns have to jerk off and watch as the ones fucking get some action.  Cum begins at ~10:00.

Scene 2 begins at 13:00.  What are all these noises these guys are making?!  LOL.  European guys express themselves verbally much more freely than we Yankees.  The costume director of this feature deserves an AVN award.  Said no one ever.  But the fucking is hot so who cares.  The director has no problem whatsoever showing the background circle jerking at 23:35.  Most directors would just keep the camera down low on the action.  

The action to watch here begins at about 28:38.  A series of cake-filled reverse piledrivers begins.  Now you KNOW that shit is hot.  One after the other the men put their derrieres on display for the audience watching and the director keeps the camera panned out the entire time.  Not to mention those background dudes are still beatin’ their meat.  This whole situation is very interesting.  Interesting and hot, for sure.  Europeans, I swear.  They start cumming just before 32:00.  How was the cumshot at 32:27 only a near miss!?  AND THEN THE ONE AT 32:37 as well!?!

Scene 3 kicks off at 35:40.  There’s a good cock-to-pussy ratio going on here.  Again with the fucking costumes.  LOL.  A series of hot doggy style fucks begins at 43:40.  Check out the proximity at 48:30 as one guy is face fucking her and another is sporking her.  Your favorite is back… more reverse piledrivers at 55:10.  Cum at 58:18.  That must’ve been quite the orgasm.

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I can’t believe I am saying this YET AGAIN so soon, but by God… this is one of the fucking HOTTEST and MESSIEST creampie gangbangs I’ve ever seen.  Leave it to the fucking Germans, of course.  Oh, and obviously, this is going directly into the Hall of FFame.  There’s plenty of sloppy seconds creampie fucking and hot shots of churning butter.  Love it when that dude with the big uncut dick plays in the cum with his dick at 8:37.  So fucking hot.  9:14!!!  I’ve watched this sucker probably 6 times already in just a couple days… it’s epic.  You will cum.  Get ready.  I’m not even going to break this down any further… just grab yourself and have at it.  You’re welcome.

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Per usual, here we have yet another amazing German gangbang feature.  Notice the duallatio at 6:20 as two girls orally service J.J.’s cock.  Cowgirl DP @ ~16:00.  Actually more like 18:17.  Crazy lucky hand action at 18:45.  Pretty sure that dude just touched J.J.’s dick there.  You saw it.  And if you’ve seen J.J.’s body of work, you know he didn’t care.

We get more DP at 19:25.  These Germans are so vocal; I fucking love it!  They switch to reverse cowgirl DP @ 20:50.  I’ve said it time and time again, and I’ll say it again.  The Germans don’t give a single FUCK!  Look at this insane finger proximity and lucky hand at 22:00!  There’s some creative rimming going on at 25:20.  And that guy is shoving her head into his buddy’s ass!

AGAIN with the fucking finger proximity at 26:58!  Don’t get me wrong, I love the U.S and all that jazz, but I MAY have been born in the wrong country.  PAY CLOSE ATTENTION THE THE 28:20 MARK!  A guy literally grabs J.J.’s dick, bends it and sticks it in the chick’s mouth so she can suck it.  Now THAT, my friends is some helping god damn hand!

And just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get any hotter, they showcase the doggy style DP at 32:20!!!  THE GERMANS, RIGHT!?!  All that fucking moaning from the men!  So interesting… that never happens to this degree in American porn; lol.  They all eventually cum on their faces and then another scene begins at 41:40.

It opens up with all the men circle jerking around a hot blonde on a pool table.  She takes a really hot reclined missionary fuck at 12:20 and there’s even MORE finger proximity here too.  Notice the simultaneous near miss cumshots at 81:25.  That was really fucking close!  HOT HOT video.

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Rocco and Franco must really have a good bond going on, because here they are yet again bringing their homoerotic A-game.  Just take a look at this brief clip showcasing some of the most homoerotic double penetration you’ll ever see.  These two give zero fucks, clearly.  The missionary DP begins at :20 and the momentum only builds from here.

Seriously… the :38 mark.  We are not even a fucking minute into this shit!  Wait… no seriously the :57 mark!!!  That takes some confidence in one’s sexuality if you know what I mean.

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AMAAAAAZING amateur British clip featuring some outstanding bareback interracial double vaginal fucking.  Who’s cum is that all over their cocks while they’re fucking? 

Your genitalia will thank you for watching this one.  Love hearing the girl behind the camera talking like a dirty slag in that British accent.  I really need to see more of this.

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I accidentally found this amazing amateur hotel gangbang video when I was looking for something else.  I fucking love it when that happens!  Fans of verbal porn will really get into this one.  It’s awesome how the guys don’t hold back and really get into the ‘bro chatter.’  Double titty sucking at 3:23.  There’s some really interesting finger proximity around 4:20.  5:35… “We’re gonna have two cocks in her pussy… stretch it out.”

Around 5:50 these two dudes do some crazy finger version of fucklicking and you’ll hear the camera guy get weirded out at 6:23.  LMAO.  He knows he was lovin’ that shit.  The thigh-to-ass incidental touching at 12:10.  When I first saw this I cracked up at all the failed DP attempts around 24:38.  I laughed because I could relate… this was so realistic to what trying to do DP in real life is like.  If you’ve tried it, you know what I mean haha.

They finally get it and by 26:15 they’ve got a good rhythm going.  A lot of guys hate it when any of the guys talk in the videos, but I think it makes it better.  The relaxed atmosphere just does it for me I guess.  The cowgirl DP at 29:30 is a winner.  ”Look at your husband.”  LOL!  Back here, bitch!  Amateur gangbangs like this are the fucking best.  Seedy hotel gangbangs.  I love humans.  Watch the rest of this shit; this makes me want to find a gangbang to participate in stat!

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BlowBang Sluts has shaped up to be one of the best-produced amateur porn series I’ve ever seen.  I know you guys have become fans of the series just as I have, so naturally… this Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature ANNNNND Hall of FFamer should make your favorites list.  You’ve already seen the gifs from this scene, so you likely know what to expect, but I hope you’re ready because the shit is a grade A blowbang masterpiece!

I like how Kyle, Katt and company wasted zero time and got right to the cock sucking.  Notice the guy on the right.  Wave to him.  A mere 30 days ago he was just a fan of Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire, and now he’s in a hot-as-fuck porno.  No big deal.  It’s not even 40 seconds into this shoot and she’s already got two big dicks jousting in her mouth.  My kinda chick.

Get ‘em both!" @ 1:10… oh this shit ‘bout to be goooood!  Fuck yes… get ‘em both!  More jousting @ 2:15… I mean really I might need to stop even mentioning the jousting from now on because it’s pretty much the entire scene.  As it should be.  Let us all take a moment to reflect on how amazing it is to see a woman so effortlessly handle multiple big dicks at once like this.  Katt’s such a hot little cock sucker.  Bitch got skills!  Give her ass ALL the awards!

Kyle jumps in to get him some at 3:50 for one incredible triple blowjob.  Fuck.  Seriously… the 5:00 mark with the dick slapping.  YES!  And we’re only FIVE minutes in!  The 5:30 mark brings us yet another major double blowie.  These dudes were all made to make porn.  This is a good team right here.  Speaking of… good teamwork at 8:47, boys.  Holy FUCK… that triple blowjob at 10:30!!!  “Smack her face with your dicks, guys.”  That shit is hot and you fucking know it.

Know what else is hot.  Friendly fire cumshots.  Like the FUCKING MONDO FRIENDLY FIRE CUMSHOT @ 12:58.  It was really hot to hear Kyle direct her to keep sucking the other guy’s dick while waiting for the facial.  And then to see him stick his cock in her mouth with cum all over her face at 13:50 and then shoot one of his signature huge cumshots… this shit is just pure gold.  Kyle… brother, thank you.  The blog readers thank you and the amazing Katt.  The world at large thanks you.  That was probably the best blowbang I’ve ever seen.  No, it hands-down was the best I’ve seen.

Like/re-blog if you agree.  Comments on xhamster are also appreciated so the stars can see what you guys think.  Do you want more like this?  Let them know!

You can thank and support Kyle and BlowBang Sluts by purchasing one of their videos here.  Yeah, even if you’ve already seen it for free here.  :)  Live in or near the Los Angeles., California area?  Want to be in this hot amateur series?  E-mail me at trey [at] fyfriendlyfire [dot] com and I’ll make an introduction.  Serious inquiries only.

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I feel like I’ve already been on a Brazilian kick this week, so why not just add another hot video to the list?  This is an outrageous gangbang that takes place in a gym, which actually adds to the ‘hot’ element to me.  They are literally fucking on work out equipment… and no, they didn’t wipe it off with their towels when they were done.

Things really start to pick up after the 3:00 mark.  Just about all Brazilians are ridiculously attractive and fit.  I mean seriously… have you ever seen an obese Brazilian!?  Cuz I haven’t!  They’re too busy fuckin’ down in that country for obesity!  Hot spit roast at 4:44.  How the fuck do these porn productions get locations like this, do you think?  Allow the owners to watch/join?

Smokin’ hot cowgirl DP @ 5:25.  There’s an air-tight seal in there too.  Interesting proximity at 6:25.  No surprise here.  I find Brazilians to generally be way more sexually open-minded than we Americans.  Though really… who isn’t!?  Finger proximity at 8:11.  She jousts two cocks at 8:35.  A line of men that seems way more populated than there were men earlier lines up at 9:26 to finish in her mouth.  Naturally, there’s a bit of sloppy seconds blowjob action here.

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This is a hot DP scene I just accidentally stumbled upon.  I fucking LOVE it when that happens!  Watch Rose give Cheyne a rimjob at 2:33.  Dick-to-finger proximity @ 7:27.  More man ass licking at 8:22.  SMOKIN’ hot bare, skin-on-skin double vaginal kicks off at ~11:20.  Damn!  This is hot as fuck!  DUAL friendly fire cum begins to flow at 13:25.  FUCK YEAH!

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Brazilian group fun!  There’s some incidental leg touching between the men as they sit side-by-side at 4:00.  Jousting happens at 6:16 as both women lick on both guys’ cocks.  That’s hot.  Interesting how the darker-skinned guy wears a condom but the other guy doesn’t.  Not even during the cowgirl DP at 12:00.  Also hot.  Both men blow loads beginning at 14:09.  Actually wait… second dude must’ve jacked off on shooting day.  Big no-no.  :D

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Hour-plus vintage gangbang scene.  I’m not gonna lie… I really dig gangbangs from this era in porn.  Big hair, acid-washed denim and all.  Notice how once Crystal begins servicing T.T. Boy, the other men are sitting around watching and jerking off.  Like at ~4:45.  She then goes around the circle sucking each man’s dick.

Cowgirl DP begins at 17:00.  Cumshots begin at 20:00 where we see the first friendly fire cumshot.  Fuck yeah!  In scene 2, T.T. Boy really starts to fuck Lana Sands’ brains out at 33:00.  Nice views of the fucking throughout.  I don’t know about you, but I find the action that begins at about 43:25 mark to be quite homoerotic.  The couch proximity and incidental touching.  That’s hot.

Scene 3 ends with one helluva EPIC friendly fire cumshot at 72:35.  Holy fuck… that’s dual friendly fire cumshots!  FUUUUUUCK YEAH!  SOFA KING HOT!

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