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Cock is every-damn-where in this vintage Italian film featuring a few FY!FF regulars.  I’m not going to review this in its entirety, but if you like gangbangs, group sex and DP’s, you’ll likely dig this video.  There’s a lot of voyeuristic masturbation going on throughout.  I love how just about every scene has a two dick minimum.  Great vintage flick.

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Very very VERY hot double penetration compilation.  Don’t miss the friendly fire cumshots at  6:15, 10:20 and 17:10.  Plenty of cakes in this one too.

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Hungarian studs Mike Foster and John Walton doubly sodomize some chicks in this hot orgy.  The cowgirl double anal kicks off at about 22:45.  Second cumshot at 28:58 ends in friendly fire.  FUCK YEAH!

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Here’s a hot Italian gangbang clip for ya.  Two of the guys play with her pussy together after 3:00.  The fucking that starts around the 7:40 mark is really hot; each of the studs takes turns on her doggy style.  Cowgirl DP @ 13:30.  Air-tight seal @ 14:25.  A hot group circle jerk around her starts at 15:35.  Just look at her service those dicks.  The cumshot at 17:00 looks like it could possibly be FF, but no confirmation.

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Frank Gun and John Walton pair up for this incredibly hot scene.  Cowgirl DP starts just after the 11:00 mark, and not long after, at ~13:00, John shoots a friendly fire cumshot all over Frank.  FUCK YEAH!

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Very interesting vintage Italian feature-length film, with a few parts of interest.  At 6:15 starts a hot MFM scene with FY!FF favorite Backey Jakic and John Walton.  If you follow the site regularly, then you know that Backey is featured a lot (as has Walton as of late, seemingly) for his prowess in double penetration.  He continues this tradition at 15:16, as he shows off his backside while DPing her with John.

Another cowgirl DP starts at 19:49 between Richard Langin and Jean Yves Le Castel.  Of particularly HOTTTTT note is the friendly fire cumshot at about 21:00 when Richard drops a load of friendly fire cum on her tits while Jean Yves is tit fucking her.  You might have to rewind and repeat that one.  FUCK YEAH!  Another scene with John and Backey begins near 37:00, this time we see the addition of Francesco Malcom.  John and Backey DP again at 48:26, and the following scene features a performance by none other than porn legend Ron “The Hedgehog” Jeremy.

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I love the older stuff.  John Walton and his continued favorite scene buddy Andrew Youngman star in this hot outdoor MFM scene.  Really hot spit roasting, especially at 9:10.  The fucking at 12:04…  FUCK YEAH!  FRIENDLY FIRE @ 15:30.

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DUALINGUS.  See more of it at Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire.

DUALINGUS.  See more of it at Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire.

This little European gem starring vintage porn heroes Andrew Youngman and John Walton starts off a little slow, but it eventually picks up and sizzles.  A little lucky hand action at 17:40.  Why is everybody so damn quiet, though?!  I think I just heard a pin drop in that place!  Cowgirl double anal @ 22:00.  Wow… that bareback view is really, really hot.  Nice job, fellas.

That proximity @ 24:50… it’s almost like the guys want to kiss one another!  Meanwhile, this bitch is just as calm as can be as she takes two dicks up her ass.  Can she FEEL the cocks!?  Again with the proximity @ 27:10.  At around 28:40, they agree to cum together, shooting a couple of near miss cumshots.

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This is one damn hot European gangbang.  Bodies and cock are everywhere as five studs and three starlets get busy in this hot scene.  We see the first cowgirl DP just before the 7:40 mark.  Nice view @ 10:46… cake cake cake!  But one of the hottest parts for me was the dual DPs at the 17:30 mark.  Fuck yeah!  HOT.  Love the behind the scenes view at the end.  Several good male bonding moments.  At 21:45, the guy at the end gets it completely correct: The Americans just don’t do it the same way, I’m sorry.

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Pay close attention to the crazy homoerotic proximity between Kevin and Mike in the beginning of this one.  Then at about :45, John puts his right hand on Kevin’s shoulder.  The reverse cowgirl DP @ 9:11 is pretty hot, and with all 3 guys, they give her an air-tight seal.  Notice at 10:50 all 3 guys surround her face, start jerking off, and cum just flies everywhere, with friendly fire in abundance.  FUCK YEAH!

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This Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature is a CLASSIC in the doggy style DP niche of porn.  This scene was actually filmed in 1998, two years before Nacho and Hakan made the double doggy famous.  According to miloandtock1, it was director John Leslie who convinced John Walton and Andrew Youngman in this scene that double doggy was a good position for DPing a girl.  

Check out history being made at 17:55.  It goes on for over 3 full minutes and the whole time she’s also sucking on Nick Lang’s huge dick for an air-tight seal.  SO DAMN HOT!  And I don’t know how those guys squared off but didn’t shoot cum on each other at the end.  Bitches.


Actually before Nacho and Hakan did double doggy, director John Leslie convinced John Walton and Andrew Youngman in 1998 in the movie Fresh Meat 6 that this was a good position for dping a girl.  They joke about it in the behind the scenes/extra footage of this movie.  But they have no problem with it!  That John bent over in front and Andrew in the back with his hand on John’s butt (Nick Lang is also in the scene but he doesn’t get into this position).  Andrew and John did MANY scenes together. And sprayed each other with friendly fire too occasionally.


Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire is the FIRST and *premier* tumblr dedicated to friendly fire cumshots, and is your definitive source for kinky straightish porn. In addition to amazing friendly fire, Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire focuses on all other deliciously homoerotic and bromantic goodness in heterosexual pornography.

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