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Jenner brings out the freak (as he so often does) early on in this gangbang vid, bringing out a dildo that attaches to his face in order to fuck her with it.  Holy hell, at 10:30 he sticks it in Naomi’s pussy while John is in her ass!  His face is practically in John’s nutsack!  Then they reverse cowgirl DP her.

Lucky hand @ 18:52.  Cowgirl DP @ 21:15.  At 28:30 Harley supervises her as she goes down the BJ line.  Damn… even more lucky hand at 30:15.  Benjamin loves doing that shit.  Lots of hot DP and anal action follows, at one point they run a fantastic anal train on that ass. Cumshots begin to happen at 49:45.

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Not gonna lie.  99% of the time I can’t stand porn music video compilations.  Well folks, this is one of those rare 1% moments.  FY!FF FFollower evilcarlos99 has created top-notch productions that, at least in my experience, are unsurpassed.  Check this hot gangbang music vid he created, titled ‘Take One for the Team,’ which clearly took a lot of time.  It’s amazing how the beat of the song matches the action on screen.  This shit is PHENOMENAL to jack off to!  Enjoy!

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Ass Eaters Unanimous Vol13 s7 with Nikki Nievez at Free Porn Videos

Completely OUTSTANDING ass licking scene.  Probably some of the hottest F > M rimming you’ll ever see.  Bravo!

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CREAMPIE MOTHER FUCKING GANGBANG!!!  You will NOT believe this shit.  YOU. are. FUCKING. welcome!  Straight to the Hall of FFame.  WOW.

In order of appearance: Buster Good, Zak Attack, Eric Swiss, Dane Cross, Dirty Harry, Nick East, Tony Tedeschi, Rick Masters, Tony Sexton, Ryan knox, Jeremy Steel, Jenner, Eric Swiss (round 2), John West, Seth Dickens, ? no face, Steve James, Hector Steele?, Ralph Long.

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This hot video opens up in the thick of a hot cowgirl DP and doesn’t let up to the end.  FUCK, that’s a hot DP and air-tight seal.  Notice the incidental touching during the reverse cowgirl DP @ 7:00.  There’s totally some thigh to thigh (and maybe even ass to thigh) action going on here.  Double anal @ 10:05!  God DAMN @ the DP at 12:00.  This entire scene is just perf.

The next scene kicks off at 36:23, naturally right in the thick of yet another cowgirl DP and air-tight seal.  Only THIS time, the scene features porn star brothers Oliver Strelly and Timo Hardy.  Yeah you know this shit is about to be good.  WOW @ the triple BJ @ 39:00.  There is definitely some bro-to-bro cock knocking going on here.  Doggy style DP @ 41:25.  The real-life brothers DP her at 43:42.  Could you do this with your brother?  Actually, could you do the missionary DP they do at 45:45!?!  These guys are BONDED, that’s for sure.  Finger proximity @ 50:45.  HOLY FUCK… yet another missionary DP @ 59:00!!!  OMGGGG it ends in multiple creampies and sloppy seconds fucking.  I just… damn.

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Remember the reality show “Growing Up Gotti?”  Well, you may not have known that one of the Gotti boys ended up getting into porn after the show, and this scene feature he and Jenner DPing a hot blonde.  Gotti appears at 2:52 and she immediately begins to orally service him and the boys begin spit roasting her.  Cowgirl DP @ 9:50.  Jenner was made to do DPs.  Reverse cowgirl double anal begins at 16:10.  Jenner pretty much grabbed Gotti’s dick; and that ended way too fucking soon.  Very kinky DP position begins at 19:10.  We’ll call that the very rarely-seen right angle DP.  Fucking hot.

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I always loved the Clusterfuck series.  Cindy is in a slut category of her own.  And here’s why.  This video opens right up into the thick of this incredible gangbang.  There’s a bit of jousting and double blowjobs in the beginning as well.  Cowgirl DP @ 3:45.  Cakes during the reverse cowgirl DP @ 5:00.  In fact, there’s quite a bit of cake action in this.  Like at 8:55 thanks to Rick.  And Jenner @ 10:00.

Ball slapping during the cowgirl DP @ 11:15.  Damn.  What’s with the purple gloves, by the way?  Finger proximity @ 17:00.  Little bit of lucky hand, too.  Lots of anal follows, including some anal piledrivers.  Reverse piledriver @ 22:50.  Near miss cumshot @ 24:33.

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Little finds like this make me LOVE running this site.  I’ll tell you why in a bit.  Love how this opens up right away in the thick of the action, including a hot spit roastFinger proximity @ 2:30.  An inverted piledriver kicks off at 5:12.  Wow… all the finger proximity that kicks off at 9:05.  That angle, that view.  HOT.  Holy shit @ 9:55!  YES!  Lucky hand follows.

So that statement I made at the very first of this post?  Yeah, pay close attention at 11:35.  It’s the VERY rarely seen southern exposure DP!!!  And FUCK is it a hot one, albeit brief.  Look at Jenner show off at 11:38.  CAKE!  Reverse cowgirl DP @ 12:45.  More cake at 14:20.  In fact, I’m loving how much Jenner is showing off his backside here.  Like at 17:20, for instance.  Cheers to the director for not zooming way in.

Love the pre-cum showing on the anchor’s cock after 18:30.  So fucking hot.  Hot jousting and double blowjob @ 19:45.  Forced BJ @ 20:17.  That’s what bros are for!  A hot anal piledriver follows, and then a reverse piledriver @ 22:25, and THEN more lucky hand!  I mean… fuck!  HOT shit all around!

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Cum sharing between men and women.  In other words… snowballing.

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Lorena takes on 6 cocks in this hot double vaginal gangbang scene, with Anthony kicking off the action after the 2:30 mark. From here on out it’s non-stop fast and furious banging.  2nd cock enters after 5:00.  Jack and Jenner give her a hot reverse cowgirl double vaginal DP at 17:57, followed by Jay tapping in up top.  At 20:17 Steven shoves his toes in her mouth.

At 20:33 she takes another double vag beating, this time in cowgirl.  Love seeing her choke on a cock while taking two more in her pussy.  These guys just pound and pound away DV style back-to-back.  Fuck YES!  Take a moment of silence for my fellow Texan Jack Venice (bullet band leg tattoo) since for the last several years he’s been serving a prison sentence for allegedly raping a college girl while taping a reality porn flick. 

The first cum flies at 22:49.  It’s funny to watch Anthony down below… it’s clear that some friendly fire cum hits him and he freaks out and tries to move and wipe it away.  Don’t act like it’s your first time, Anthony.  Did Jenner and Jack just shoot loads double vaginally together at about the 24:30 mark!?!?  And if so, that means the fucking Jay does afterwards is sloppy seconds!  Fucking HOT!

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A most delicious felching compilation.  Some really really hot fucklicking towards the end too!  Fuuuuuck yes!

This double anal vid is a bona fide BONERMAKER so get ready!  Reverse cowgirl DP & air-tight seal @ 15:15.  At 17:19 the guy comes in for the cowgirl DP and she says, “shove it in, don’t be gentle” unnnfff!  Let that freak flag fly high, bitch!  Don’t miss the amazing double anal @ 30:00.  FUCK YES!  Double doggy @ 35:05!  Fucking incredible TRIPLE PENETRATION at 37:45, dayum!

I thought I had already shared this one, but I can’t find it on the blog, so here’s a really hot F > M snowballing compilation featuring many well-known swordsmen.  An incredible turn-on for me.  You should try this in real life.


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