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German bukkake friendly fire cumshot.  Amazing!

I’ve been debating for the past few days whether or not to post this one.  Let me just say that it may not be everyone’s cup of tea.  I mean the uploader titled it “German blond used.”  In fact, I might as well go ahead and throw up a big ol’ ***WATERSPORTS WARNING***.  Holy SHIT the Germans are kinky as fuck!  Can’t get enough.  Trust me when I say there are some gems in here.

The sexin’ up doesn’t start all the way until 18:10 or so, and I don’t speak German so if you don’t either, go ahead and join me at that mark.  I was actually kinda surprised at the cake display at 21:52 and the nice pounding that dude gives her.  Great view of it.  I’m going to hell for this, but I’m LMFAO @ the bandaged arm braces guy.  WTF is he gonna do?  I know.  Straight to hell.

Okay the first round of waterworks begin at 23:50; you’ve been warned.  Does anybody speak fucking German!?  I want to know what these dudes are saying to her!  Can a brotha get a damn English transcription?  Oh well.  They speak FUCK, which I, too speak fluently and hold 2 doctorates in, so I think we’re good.  Oh HELL fucking yes to the 31:00 mark.  Looks like someone else is showing gratitude for the show at the 31:18 mark.  These German boys know how to fuck some pussy.

What’s going on with the gape in that dude’s asshole at 32:50 though?  LMFAO!  You saw it too, bitches!  Moving right along…  But no seriously, was he freshly fucked before this?  Hashtag wouldn’t be surprised.  Hashtag Germans.  Hashtag no shade intended.  Hashtag get it how you live.  Oh, I just heard some English!  Why isn’t that fool translating!?  Check out that INSANE lucky hand action at 42:52!  At around the 43:40 mark that dude’s fingers TOTALLY make contact with the other guy’s cock.  Like a shit ton of times.  Germans… ZERO fucks given.

More waterworks at 47:00, just so ya know.  That piss stream is WIDE.  How do I get mine to do that?!  HAHA.  I’m in such a silly mood right now.  AGAIN with the great angles at 48:21!  We finally see DP in the form of a reverse cowgirl DP at 53:15.  Okay that was definitely some direct dick to ball sack contact between two guys at 53:40.  LMAO @ Arm Braces making a cameo at 53:51.  Was he trying to tap in?  More piss happens and at 60:33 we see her give a hot rimjob.  Cum face-off at 63:57.  How did none of that hit the other guy (that we can see)?  He is really about to play the guitar in this porno @ 66:45.  And then their buddy gets serenaded as he gets a rimjob at 67:40.  That was some kinky shit, eh?

Link for mobile.


Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire - Cum soars in this brief bukkake clip.  No worries… the friendly fire victim doesn’t seem to mind, does he?


Holy fucking SHIT!  Huge FF cumshot!


Damn, that friendly fire cumshot had some distance on it, didn’t it?  The shooting victim didn’t seem to mind at all did he?

Did you catch it?  :)


This is a nearly 90 minute full-fappable feature… all german, all bareback gangbang action.  Got time for a long ‘bate session?

I love 90-minute porn.  It’s the perfect length for my nice long edging sessions.  Hot cock jousting at 5:53.  Some nice circle sucking follows.  I fucking LOVE bareback creampie gangbangs.  This is some hot fucking shit!  She gets creamed by guy after guy, each of them taking some sloppy seconds.

One of the hottest moments in this whole 90-minute feature happens shortly after 23:40.  Watch as these two old dudes lick her pussy together for some outstanding dualingus.  I almost can’t believe my eyes; that might be the best dualingus I’ve ever seen!  And they give it a go again at 24:30.  One of the men cums at 38:20 and goes right back to fucking her.

Was the guy on the left at 52:50 about to put his finger in the other guy’s cum?  Damn epic cumshot at 53:23.  That might’ve even been FF, but I can’t verify.  What is that position called at 71:15?  It’s one of my favorites to perform, plus it looks so hot.  From the feedback I’ve been given, the one being fucked usually really gets a great view while being pounded in that position.  SUCH a fucking hot video!

Link for mobile.

EDIT: according to Men’s Health, the position name I’m looking for is either ‘snow angel’ or ‘bottom’s up.’  Which do you guys think sounds better?  I’m leaning towards ‘bottom’s up.’


Thank God for the Germans.

Look at the anchor go!  Using that dude’s cum as lube while he continues fucking her sloppy cunt!


I mean… really.  Who doesn’t love a good GGG flick?

I’ll be digging deep into the FY!FF archives to reblog some of my favorite clips from one of my all-time favorite porn series, GGG, over the next few days.


German porn house, MMV, claims to be Germany’s larger producer of filth.  I would have guessed that honor went to Sperma Studios.  Either way, I am a discerning consumer of finer filth and I approve of this clip.

I’m actually embarrassed to admit that I am JUST NOW finding out about this German porn series.  I hang my head in shame.  And I wanna go to a damn sex party with fog machines and laser lights too, dammit!  Hmm… I’m gonna have to see more from these guys.


A short but sweet Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature of some hot German king of clubs DPP.


We are treated to a VERY nice friendly fire cumshot right away in this hot Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature, courtesy of our favorite Germans!  Then at the :20 mark we get a nice German joustfest and dick-slap-a-thon courtesy of a couple friendly cocks.  Their moaning is hilarious.

I know this Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, so pay attention to the ***WATER SPORTS WARNING*** on this one.  I will say, however, that if you are a little more on the open-minded side, this can be one REALLY hot scene, which is why I’ve decided to induct this one to the Hall of FFame.

Within the first 30 seconds here we see a lovely German blonde engaging in some piss play with a group of men after getting out of the pool.  They form a circle suck around her as she services all of their dicks.  All four men get on their hands and knees side-by-side at 8:25 to have their asses rimmed by the blonde and the fluffer.  Really fucking hot.  The rimming beginning at about 10:30 is especially hot.

But it’s what happens at 11:50 that caused me to upload and share this scene with you.  One dude completely pisses all over the ass of another guy while he’s getting rimmed and suckedPiss friendly fire, anyone?  I honestly can’t believe my eyes here.  The GERMANS, people!  WOW.  Next they all take turns holding up the blonde and fucking her senseless.  More piss play follows, and at about 18:45 we start seeing cum fly in the circle as one guy holds her head for all the cumming men.

Link for mobile.

Titus eats out her pussy and fucks her brains out before FY!FF favorite Backey joins the party near the end at 9:45.  Nevermind the fact that he looks like a total creep when he does it.  He gets busy right away at 11:25, giving her a reverse cowgirl DP with TItus.  It’s a typical Backey show at the 12:00.  Seriously… in all the Backey Jakic DP’s I’ve seen (which is a shit ton), I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in anchor position during a DP.  Ever.  Hmm.  I wonder why he’s always got to be on top.  *cough*12:45*cough*. 

He and Titus square off for the cumshots at 12:53.  It even looks like there’s some friendly fire in there, but I can’t tell for sure so sadly I’m going to call it a near miss cumshot.  I know.  I wish the action were longer too.

Link for mobile.

Who loves sloppy seconds!?  These Germans sure do!  The first guy creampies her at 5:05 and then the second guy does and lots of cum spills out onto his cock.  At 7:10 the third guy then uses the previous two’s cum as lube.  Love the sounds they make.

Link for mobile.


GRAB THE LUBE!  It’s another scorchin’ hot FY!FF fappable feature!  While this is NOT the ‘greatest friendly fire of all time' that I previously mentioned I’d be uploading soon, that post inspired a follower of the blog to send in THIS FFantastic huge friendly fire vid, which is hands-down one of the best I’ve seen, courtesy of our favorite Germans over at GGG.  If only Big George had been shirtless.  Love the sticking out of the tongue.  He clearly was enjoying it!  These Germans don’t give a GOD DAMN.  FUCK YEAH!


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