Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire

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This gangbang scene comes from one of the very first porn DVD’s I ever bought, back in college.  After watching this, you’ll see why I grew to have such an affinity for verbal gangbangs.  A FFollower of the blog recently sent in a poor quality version of this Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature, so I decided to share a better version with you guys.  Enjoy this outstanding gangbang video.  The men appear at 6:00  and she immediately begins to circle suck their cocks.  Then they fuck her face.

She excitedly rims man ass at 14:30.  Then gets a big cock spit roast.  Several, in fact.  @ 19:03, “fuck it like you own it, man.”  Fuck yeah.  @ 22:30, “that’s a big dick right there.”  That really is a hot anal fuck.  @ 29:42… “hit’er in the shitter, man!  Bone her like you own her!"  Listen to them cheer one another on.  Bad ass.  We finally get reverse cowgirl DP @ 31:00.  Love all the background talking here.  Love seeing her take those big dicks so easily.

Cowgirl DP and air-tight seal @ 35:25.  Plenty of BLATANT ball-to-cock slapping.  Erik’s dick takes a BEATING from Randy’s nutbag!  Again, I’d like to point out that even though this video is 11 years old, we see yet again how Mr. Everhard prefers the bottom bunk when it comes to being in DP.  At 39:40 they give her bareback double vag.  SO goddamn hot!  The ball slapping is unavoidable here.  The dirty talk here is perf.

Where did that cum on her pussy come from at 45:21?  Is that cum?  Is he fucking that cum into her cunt?  And Holy shit I was NOT expecting that huge near miss cumshot at 46:00!  Listen to how excited the guys watching are to see it too!

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Have you ever fantasied about fucking that hottie in your office?  This hot little Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature right here will play right into those fantasies.  It’s actually hilarious to watch these guys’ horrible acting in the beginning before the fucking happens.  Guess now’s a good time to throw up the ***ROUGH WARNING***.  Watch James pat and squeeze Ramon’s left pec at 5:50.  Games are officially over at 15:00 when the men ambush her.

Damn Ava’s got immaculate titties.  The men don’t even bother taking off clothes.  These guys fuck her senseless like she owes them money.  Of note: the incredibly hot missionary DP @ 33:20.  Fuck YES.  Cowgirl DP and air-tight seal @ 36:50.  James’ big nutbag slaps Danny’s dick repeatedly.  LOL @ Danny’s face at 38:20 and then some… you can tell he’s really enjoying the feeling that DP is providing.

Ramon for the win at 42:33!  The air-tight seal at 45:05 is quite the sight.  Hot seeing her penetrated by all those big dicks.  Lots of rough DP follows.  All I can see at 58:00 are those beautiful titties.  I just wanna suck ‘em.  Cum flies @ 58:23.  If James had been a little closer, it’s apparent that he would’ve been a friendly fire victim.  At about 59:25 she receives an alleged creampie.  This scene was so fucking hot.

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Here’s a really hot reverse interracial (half-way, at least) MFM Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature starring Layla.  This is so damn hot.  When I saw the gifset, I knew I had to see this scene.  Fans of women with phat asses will really appreciate this one.  It is really hot to see her big ass ripple over and over as she’s pounded with dick.  Sadly there was no DP (and what a missed opportunity), but the scene is still hot.

If you can identify the two actors in the scene, please shoot me a message.

Link for mobile.

EDIT: 10/19/14 - thank you to ALL of you who wrote in to let me know that the two guys are Justin Slayer and Preston Parker.

***FY!FF EXCLUSIVE***  I gave you a few photographic previews earlier today of some of the fun our Brazilian FFollower Rodrigo has been having, and this Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature is a little compilation of clips he’s sent me over the past few months that I think you and your private parts will really enjoy.  Mine did.

The video opens up with Rodrigo and a buddy getting their cocks jousted together for a hot double blowjob.  This has already gotten off to a great start.  These boys clearly have no proximity hang-ups… like the lucky hand action at the :52 mark.  NICE.  Double vaginal fucking @ 1:19.  Rodrigo is on top here.  Notice the low-hanger ball slapping; he said in a note to me that sometimes the camera guy tells him to move his big nuts out of the way.

Rodrigo says that the dick slapping and jousting at ~2:08 features his cousin, and the lucky lady is a married woman who is fucking them behind her hubby’s back.  They sure seem open-minded in Brazil, eh?  There’s more blatant ball slapping at 2:22.  I seriously am starting to wonder why I don’t get more of these kinds of submissions from all you horny pervs out there!

God damn… for such a short video, this really runs the gamut as far as the kink goes.  Like the blatant helping hand @ 2:30.  And the double barrel blowjob in the king of clubs position @ 2:57.  Holy shit that’s hot.  You’ll notice even more blatant helping hand at about 3:09.  But that’s not even all, folks.  Don’t miss a bit of a friendly fire cumshot at ~4:15, and you’ll see another major FF that immediately follows during a cowgirl DP.  RODRIGO… you are a god among insects, my friend.  On behalf of the followers of the blog… MORE, please.  Obrigado.

Link for mobile.

I previously posted an abbreviated version of this incredible interracial MFM Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature starring the incomparable Veronica Avluv, and I’m pleased to present to you the full version in all its glory.  Let’s begin at the 4:00 mark, shall we?  At 6:00 we see Veronica unveil Wesley’s famous anaconda and begin to fellate it.  And look how she handles the balls!  Bitch is a PRO.

Rico joins the party after about 7:00, and I’m just praying for this poor white girl’s orifices right now.  Doubleheader blowjob at 11:00.  “Take your time.  Put both of ‘em in there.”  “You like that, white woman?"  LMAO… Wesley is never verbally shy in a scene, is he? 

My favorite part… the wishbone DP kicks off at 21:15.  Holy FUCK!  Those huge black dicks inside her white holes just takes this position to a whole new stratosphere, doesn’t it?  GOD.  DAMN!  I forgot how hot this was.  Cowgirl DP @ 29:36.  Notice the ball slapping throughout.  Cum first flies at about 38:50.

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This outdoor Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature starts off with just some rough 1-on-1 play, and at 24:30, they’re joined by Zenza.  Reverse cowgirl DP @ 29:17.  Check out the lucky hand action @ 30:25.  These guys clearly have no proximity limits.  More DP @ 32:00.  Holy shit… look at that lucky hand @ 35:12!  YES!  Don’t miss the double anal @ 38:00.

At 40:12 one of the guy starts slapping her cheek while his buddy’s cock is inside her mouth.  Hot.  More reverse cowgirl DP @ 43:10.  Double anal again at 43:40.  Face sitting @ 45:40.  She rims more ass at 47:13.  The double anal just keeps on fucking going.  She gets an anal creampie at 56:35 followed by a couple of facials.  It’s a shame that the guy on the right moves out of the way of a potential good FF at 57:34.  Wimp.

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Three European bros bang Hennessy’s brains out while watching the football game in this must-see Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature.  The guys get riled up by the game, and by 3:55 all three guys are sucking on her tits, taking turns double tit sucking.  A circle suck soon ensues, and at about 8:00 Kid and Totti get a blowjob together.

Notice the proximity at 14:20.  Kid’s black dick is practically in Totti’s face.  More proximity @ 18:32.  And 21:14.  Reverse cowgirl DP begins @ ~21:20.  They eventually circle up and cum on her face, and after all is said and done, they go right back to bonding through the game on TV.  #BROS.

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