Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire

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I’ll re-iterate what the original poster says below.  Vintage porn is so hot mainly because of how less inhibited they were.  Why does it feel that we went BACKWARDS sexually as a society?!  Big cock Double barrel blowjob (they’ve been doing these forever, imagine that!), nice spit roasting, and BRILLIANT dual friendly fire cum blasts during the DP followed by sloppy jousting..


Ok, something about these old classics just appeal to me for some reason. Maybe sometimes they just seem more “real”. It certainly isn’t all the hair. And the porn stars are way hotter now. But I love the “who gives a fuck where my cock is or where my cum ends up” non-homophobic attitude displayed here. I really dig how they are just rubbing their cocks together in post orgasmic bliss.. how bout you?This is my first porn upload to xhamster.. hopefully I have my issues straightened out and will be posting many more. Stay tuned!

p.s. WTF is up with that hand on the top guys balls at 6:00 though? Who the hells hand is that? LOL. No one in the 3some is wearing that bracelet!

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