Y’all should really know better than to leave your drunk wife at the pool house by now

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Here’s a hot outdoor scene for you and your peckers and pussies.  Watch as George and Michael (HA!  George Michael) begin to spit roast Susie just after 5:00.  And that’s some peculiar proximity at 9:00.  The cowgirl DP finally happens at ~13:53, but it’s the 15:23 time stamp that takes the cake here as George blasts Michael with one of his signature HUGE friendly fire cumshots right in the middle of the DP.  FUCK YEAH!

Link for mobile.

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Are there any pics or vids of two dude's cocks in a single condom, fucking a chick? That would be super hot

I’ve gotten this request once or twice before.  The only time I’ve ever seen such an act was in gay porn.  The guys were in the king of clubs position and used one condom to double fuck a guy.  I’ve not seen this replicated anywhere in straight porn.  Anybody seen this?

UPDATE: for the gay vid I mentioned, check here.

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I have been visiting this tumblr for quite some time now and i noticed that the scenes that REALLY drive me off the edge are the really homoerotic ones so ,if possible, i would like some more (Yes i have almost seen all the homoerotic pages in it's section already). It's pretty nice to get to know myself better while enjoying it and it wouldn't be possible without you, keep up the good work!

Hey thanks for visiting all this time!  I’m glad it’s helped lead you to more self discovery.  Regarding homoerotic content… isn’t ALL the content here homoerotic?  I sure hope so, otherwise I am way off track here, not to mention off brand.  If you don’t find homoerotic content in just about everything posted here, then I need you to ring the alarm on my ass because this entire brand has been built on homoerotic straight porn.  Is there something specific for which you are looking that I am not posting enough of?

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Remember all those French fuck fests I used to post before most were discovered and subsequently taken down by the studio?  Well another superb release from the same company has crept its way online, so watch this while it lasts!  And this one co-stars porn stud Cedric Fato, who I just heard very recently committed suicide.  Not to be a buzz kill in the least, but let’s have a good fap to this hot scene in honor of Cedric’s work.  May he find the peace now that he couldn’t find here.

Alright, now in my opinion, this French broad ain’t much on the eyes #nooffense, but just skip to 6:20 for the entrances of Rick followed by Cedric.  The guys get some side-by-side BJ action going and the cowgirl DP kicks off at 9:48.  And yes that is double vaginal.  Hot, huh?  Max joins in on the fun at 12:45, making it an air-tight seal.

Reverse cowgirl DP @ 19:30.  Rick begins an anal piledriver @ 23:50.  But wait… a rarely-seen tandem double piledriver makes a cameo in the scene at 25:05.  FUCK, that’s hot!  It’s almost like an inverted missionary DP at the same time.  Wow.  Watch Rick play up the homoeroticism at 25:48.  Hashtag bromance.  The boys continue the homoeroticism at 29:17 with a super-hot doggy style DP.  But damn the camera man for not getting the back grab in the frame.  More double vaginal at 32:46.  Cedric blows the first wad on her face at 36:14.

Link for mobile.


I know that smile well. It’s the smile of “I’m about to get fucked by two men and I can’t believe and omg my life is awesome.” Or something like that. ;-)


I know that smile well. It’s the smile of “I’m about to get fucked by two men and I can’t believe and omg my life is awesome.” Or something like that. ;-)

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No lie… this is a kinky one.  My favorite swordsman, William Le Bris, shows up at 6:36.  Of course he shows up in the middle of a good fisting.  The one woman I’ve fisted says that it feels very similar to what feeling two cocks inside her pussy feels like.  William takes over fisting duties at 7:40.

At the 10:30 mark, you’ll see William take a friendly fire cumshot to the hand while fisting her.  ***WATERSPORTS WARNING***  He scoops up the cum and feeds it to her and THEN Victor pisses on both of them (watersports friendly fire anyone?).  Afterwards, William shoots a huge load and then he and Victor piss into her mouth. 

Link for mobile.

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Hot creampie clean-up video…  Creampies are good for you…

Really fucking hot.

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Sharing is caring.  A life mantra clearly learned early by Titus Steel, who shares his real life wife, the beautiful Jasmine Rouge in this scene.  He and Greg double suck her titties at 1:20.  And again at 2:10.  The spit roast that kicks off at 5:53 is stellar.  Greg forces Jasmine’s head down onto her husband’s cock at 13:09.  Titus reciprocates.

Greg blows a load at 18:35 and that pussy must’ve felt GOOD because homeboy sticks his big fuck stick right back into her pussy and continues to fuck her brains out.  And at 19:50 he brings his finger in close while TItus fucks her ass.  Reverse cowgirl DP at 21:30.  Cowgirl DP @ 23:15.The guys jerk off and cum on her face and in her mouth starting at 24:50.  She ends it out by double sucking and jousting their cocks post cum.

Link for mobile.


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