A girl of outsized ambition


A girl of outsized ambition

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Hi man, love the blog! Keep up the good work! Saw a link for a "boys will be boys" archive that had the 6 English lads circle jerk, any chance u could post a link to that archive again as I can't seem to find it, much appreciated!

Sure thing, buddy.  Check out the boys being boys archive and find the British circle jerk (one of my faves) at your leisure.  Enjoy all that good ol’ fashioned male bonding!  -trey

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Holy fucking SHIT!  Huge FF cumshot!

Jenner brings out the freak (as he so often does) early on in this gangbang vid, bringing out a dildo that attaches to his face in order to fuck her with it.  Holy hell, at 10:30 he sticks it in Naomi’s pussy while John is in her ass!  His face is practically in John’s nutsack!  Then they reverse cowgirl DP her.

Lucky hand @ 18:52.  Cowgirl DP @ 21:15.  At 28:30 Harley supervises her as she goes down the BJ line.  Damn… even more lucky hand at 30:15.  Benjamin loves doing that shit.  Lots of hot DP and anal action follows, at one point they run a fantastic anal train on that ass. Cumshots begin to happen at 49:45.

Link for mobile.

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Sexy amateur Hanna makes love to three dudes, Part 1 of 4. These boys find cutie Hanna in the park, and take her back to their pad for a fuck.


Sexy amateur Hanna makes love to three dudes, Part 4 of 4. They shoot her reward on her face


Sexy amateur Hanna makes love to three dudes, Part 2 of 4. These boys find cutie Hanna in the park, and take her back to their pad for a fuck. She’s so comfortable with that many cocks, look at her!


Sexy amateur Hanna makes love to three dudes, Part 3 of 4. And now they get into some anal action. She’s handling it well, although from her facial expressions, she’s definitely feeling it.

The lucky hand action during the doggy style.  Fuck yeah!


Damn, that friendly fire cumshot had some distance on it, didn’t it?  The shooting victim didn’t seem to mind at all did he?

Did you catch it?  :)


A lovely example of how to administer an intense prostate massage edging treatment…….l love the use of her left hand to gently rub the less sensitive top side of his penis shaft so that there is only minor stimulation, thereby ensuring that his eventual orgasm will be triggered primarily by prostate stimulation..

So goddamn hot!

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This is a nearly 90 minute full-fappable feature… all german, all bareback gangbang action.  Got time for a long ‘bate session?

I love 90-minute porn.  It’s the perfect length for my nice long edging sessions.  Hot cock jousting at 5:53.  Some nice circle sucking follows.  I fucking LOVE bareback creampie gangbangs.  This is some hot fucking shit!  She gets creamed by guy after guy, each of them taking some sloppy seconds.

One of the hottest moments in this whole 90-minute feature happens shortly after 23:40.  Watch as these two old dudes lick her pussy together for some outstanding dualingus.  I almost can’t believe my eyes; that might be the best dualingus I’ve ever seen!  And they give it a go again at 24:30.  One of the men cums at 38:20 and goes right back to fucking her.

Was the guy on the left at 52:50 about to put his finger in the other guy’s cum?  Damn epic cumshot at 53:23.  That might’ve even been FF, but I can’t verify.  What is that position called at 71:15?  It’s one of my favorites to perform, plus it looks so hot.  From the feedback I’ve been given, the one being fucked usually really gets a great view while being pounded in that position.  SUCH a fucking hot video!

Link for mobile.

EDIT: according to Men’s Health, the position name I’m looking for is either ‘snow angel’ or ‘bottom’s up.’  Which do you guys think sounds better?  I’m leaning towards ‘bottom’s up.’

would it be possible if you could please repost the "Tiannas Hard Anal in Budapest', it doesn't play for some reason?

I need the post number from the page URL you found the video on.  Click the permalink at the bottom of the post and copy over to me the long number after fuckyeahfriendlyfire.tumblr.com/post/… in the URL bar of your browser.  I’ll do my best to help once I get the post.  -trey

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Hi man, gotta say i love your tumblr and keep cumming back for more! - I have a sudden new interest / fetish i'd like to see if you can help me find what i'm looking for : any scenes where 2 (or more..) guys cum together *inside* a girls mouth. - not the plain old "cum together on her face", must be *inside her mouth (deeper the better). do you know or can recommend on any such scenes? thanks a bunch! -k.

Thanks for continuing to cum back for more!  I WISHHHH I could help you with this request, but alas I don’t have good news I’m afraid.  Sadface, I know.

I can get you kinda close, though with facials during blowjobs and double facials.  I haven’t been tagging those until somewhat recently, however, so there’s not as much as I’d like with those tags.


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Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire is the FIRST and *premiere* tumblr dedicated to friendly fire cumshots, and is your definitive source for kinky straightish porn. In addition to amazing friendly fire, Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire focuses on all other deliciously homoerotic and bromantic goodness in heterosexual pornography.

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