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Hey how is it going ?? I'm gay and I love your Fucking Love watching 2 cocks pounding a pussy or ass is that odd ?? I watch srt8 porn but love gay porn I know this must sound strange .. I've always want a Bi guy and a chick and my self to have sex but no luck .. Ok I'm going to go now before lol I make an ass out of my self lol

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This doesn’t sound strange at all, actually.  It’s pretty common.  :)

Welcome to Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire, where you can be and get off to whatever FEELS GOOD, my friend.  If you like it, enjoy the fuck out of it and forget about what you “should” be into.  Love gay porn.  Love straight porn.  Be you.

And when are people going to fucking accept that sexuality is a spectrum, so that we can stop having ridiculously unrealistic sexual expectations of others.  WAKE UP, NEO!  Time to leave the Matrix.</end rant>

Monica Mattos on the other hand has always been solely a pornstar and has won some awards in the USA even though she has never been to the USA to fim scenes for American productions! However she has worked with some famous pornstars that flew to South America to film with her like David Perry. Some of the pornstars that you can see in the gym scene are Loupan, Pitt Garcia, Carlos Bazuca and Roge Ferro. There are many others. It's a 2 hour film with lots of cocks to name...

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Monica is definitely hot, I can see how she’s won awards here even though she’s never filmed in the States.  Sounds like I need to hunt down this entire film; didn’t realize it was cut short.  Thanks again! -trey

Hey Trey! The Brazilian gangbang scene in the gym is from "Frota, Monica e cia" - Monica Mattos is the only female star in this title since it's a gangbang pornflick. Frota is the last name of Alexandre Frota. He used to be famous in Brazil during the 80s as a young soap star. He's a very polarizing and polemic person. Mid 90s he got into trouble and a few scandals, took part in some reality shows, posed nude for gay mags (something around 4 covers), and end up doing porn for a lot of money.

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Thank you to you and the 3 other people who responded identifying this film for me.  That’s really an all-star cast!  It’s funny because all 4 of you gave me the back story about this Alexandre Frota guy.  Sounds like he really is quite the polarizing character in Brazil.  One of my buddies claims he was allegedly even married to a dude before?!  Not sure if that’s true or not, but whatever.  I’ve got to get my Brazilian porn knowledge up, so I’ll be studying so I get this shit down.  Thanks again, guys!  -trey

BlowBang Sluts has shaped up to be one of the best-produced amateur porn series I’ve ever seen.  I know you guys have become fans of the series just as I have, so naturally… this Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature ANNNNND Hall of FFamer should make your favorites list.  You’ve already seen the gifs from this scene, so you likely know what to expect, but I hope you’re ready because the shit is a grade A blowbang masterpiece!

I like how Kyle, Katt and company wasted zero time and got right to the cock sucking.  Notice the guy on the right.  Wave to him.  A mere 30 days ago he was just a fan of Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire, and now he’s in a hot-as-fuck porno.  No big deal.  It’s not even 40 seconds into this shoot and she’s already got two big dicks jousting in her mouth.  My kinda chick.

Get ‘em both!" @ 1:10… oh this shit ‘bout to be goooood!  Fuck yes… get ‘em both!  More jousting @ 2:15… I mean really I might need to stop even mentioning the jousting from now on because it’s pretty much the entire scene.  As it should be.  Let us all take a moment to reflect on how amazing it is to see a woman so effortlessly handle multiple big dicks at once like this.  Katt’s such a hot little cock sucker.  Bitch got skills!  Give her ass ALL the awards!

Kyle jumps in to get him some at 3:50 for one incredible triple blowjob.  Fuck.  Seriously… the 5:00 mark with the dick slapping.  YES!  And we’re only FIVE minutes in!  The 5:30 mark brings us yet another major double blowie.  These dudes were all made to make porn.  This is a good team right here.  Speaking of… good teamwork at 8:47, boys.  Holy FUCK… that triple blowjob at 10:30!!!  “Smack her face with your dicks, guys.”  That shit is hot and you fucking know it.

Know what else is hot.  Friendly fire cumshots.  Like the FUCKING MONDO FRIENDLY FIRE CUMSHOT @ 12:58.  It was really hot to hear Kyle direct her to keep sucking the other guy’s dick while waiting for the facial.  And then to see him stick his cock in her mouth with cum all over her face at 13:50 and then shoot one of his signature huge cumshots… this shit is just pure gold.  Kyle… brother, thank you.  The blog readers thank you and the amazing Katt.  The world at large thanks you.  That was probably the best blowbang I’ve ever seen.  No, it hands-down was the best I’ve seen.

Like/re-blog if you agree.  Comments on xhamster are also appreciated so the stars can see what you guys think.  Do you want more like this?  Let them know!

You can thank and support Kyle and BlowBang Sluts by purchasing one of their videos here.  Yeah, even if you’ve already seen it for free here.  :)  Live in or near the Los Angeles., California area?  Want to be in this hot amateur series?  E-mail me at trey [at] fyfriendlyfire [dot] com and I’ll make an introduction.  Serious inquiries only.

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HOLY FUCKING SHIT this quick amateur Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature is one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen!  A man and his buddy give his wife a double vag and throughout the whole thing talk to one another.  The hottest thing in the world is to hear the man just after :40 quiver while saying “oh my God just after he first enters her pussy for the DVP.  ”Our cocks are rubbing together.”  ”NICE!!!"  

It’s almost too much to take, hearing how excited they are and knowing how good it must feel.  After just a few seconds, it’s too much for one to take and at 1:00 he asks, “if I cum all over your cock is that okay?”, to which his buddy rightfully and gleefully replies, “oh hell yeah!"  SO HOT.  He loses it right away, yelling "OH MY GOD!" then offers his buddy a helping hand so that he can properly take the sloppy seconds.  THIS is the kind of little gem I love to come across.  Absolutely fucking BRILLIANT.  LIKE.  RE-BLOG.  CUM.  AND CUM AGAIN!

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Hands-down some of the most EPIC 2-something minutes in amateur porn HISTORY.  If you missed this the first time (or second time) I posted this… you iz welcome.  :)

Is there any particular word or tag for where guys both take turns at making out with a chick and when a chick goes from giving one guy head to kissing another guy. I remember a gangbang video on redtube from a while back where a stunner went around the spa with 3 or four guys and sucked one off to then immediately kiss the next before sucking him off and so on. I can't find it again and need to see it!

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I can get you pretty close.  Check the second hand blowjobs archive.  I didn’t start using this tag until about a year or less ago so there’s not an extreme amount there yet, but see if you like anything.

Love the vintage gangbang scene you just posted. Your comment about liking that era of porn struck me as interesting since I totally agree with you and am also in my late 20s. Sometimes I think it's hard not to have a soft spot for the kind of porn you grew up watching, especially when it comes to discovering mmf scenes. I remember having my mind (and load) blown by countless Peter North DPs and Private euro gangbangs. Still so hot today and love coming across them :) Keep up the great work.

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I think you hit the nail right on the head about being partial to the porn you grew up watching… totally makes sense.  For me it was the Anabolic/Diabolic gangbangs… that’s what started it all.  Well, actually… finding my step dad’s hidden VHS copy of ‘Deep Throat’ is what started it all truly but that’s a story for another day.  :)





second video, dp in my slut some more before i finish off a big load inside her pussy, you can see the look of ecstasy as my friends cock fills her ass and I fill her pussy. good night for everyone, she loved every minute of it

I can’t even express how hot this shit is. How intimate and raw. This exemplifies why most of us love amateur. His buddy continuously grabbing his ass as he pounds away nearly sent me over the edge. Way to show the world how to properly bond while sharing pussy. We all want to see MORE!

Every guy needs a buddy like this.

Great to see so many people enjoyed our video! look for the new one up soon and hopefully more to come soon!