I’ve been debating for the past few days whether or not to post this one.  Let me just say that it may not be everyone’s cup of tea.  I mean the uploader titled it “German blond used.”  In fact, I might as well go ahead and throw up a big ol’ ***WATERSPORTS WARNING***.  Holy SHIT the Germans are kinky as fuck!  Can’t get enough.  Trust me when I say there are some gems in here.

The sexin’ up doesn’t start all the way until 18:10 or so, and I don’t speak German so if you don’t either, go ahead and join me at that mark.  I was actually kinda surprised at the cake display at 21:52 and the nice pounding that dude gives her.  Great view of it.  I’m going to hell for this, but I’m LMFAO @ the bandaged arm braces guy.  WTF is he gonna do?  I know.  Straight to hell.

Okay the first round of waterworks begin at 23:50; you’ve been warned.  Does anybody speak fucking German!?  I want to know what these dudes are saying to her!  Can a brotha get a damn English transcription?  Oh well.  They speak FUCK, which I, too speak fluently and hold 2 doctorates in, so I think we’re good.  Oh HELL fucking yes to the 31:00 mark.  Looks like someone else is showing gratitude for the show at the 31:18 mark.  These German boys know how to fuck some pussy.

What’s going on with the gape in that dude’s asshole at 32:50 though?  LMFAO!  You saw it too, bitches!  Moving right along…  But no seriously, was he freshly fucked before this?  Hashtag wouldn’t be surprised.  Hashtag Germans.  Hashtag no shade intended.  Hashtag get it how you live.  Oh, I just heard some English!  Why isn’t that fool translating!?  Check out that INSANE lucky hand action at 42:52!  At around the 43:40 mark that dude’s fingers TOTALLY make contact with the other guy’s cock.  Like a shit ton of times.  Germans… ZERO fucks given.

More waterworks at 47:00, just so ya know.  That piss stream is WIDE.  How do I get mine to do that?!  HAHA.  I’m in such a silly mood right now.  AGAIN with the great angles at 48:21!  We finally see DP in the form of a reverse cowgirl DP at 53:15.  Okay that was definitely some direct dick to ball sack contact between two guys at 53:40.  LMAO @ Arm Braces making a cameo at 53:51.  Was he trying to tap in?  More piss happens and at 60:33 we see her give a hot rimjob.  Cum face-off at 63:57.  How did none of that hit the other guy (that we can see)?  He is really about to play the guitar in this porno @ 66:45.  And then their buddy gets serenaded as he gets a rimjob at 67:40.  That was some kinky shit, eh?

Link for mobile.

Everytime I search facesitting or rimming or anything like that, I come up with either a lot of dominant women sitting on men or a lot of boring videos. What I really need in my life is videos of a guy smothering a girl with his balls while she eats his ass - even better if it's in a rough gangbang, preferably with creampies involved. I feel like you've GOT to have something for me, here! Help? I just love eating ass.

Like you, I love seeing this in porn too.  Sadly, I only very recently started tagging these, so I don’t really have much to share with you right away, as going back through my 2.5+ year archive looking for this specific act, while it DEFINITELY is in there, would take way too much time.  I think you will enjoy this one though.  Brandon Iron is the KING of what you’ve described.  Hopefully you’re familiar with his work.  You can also peruse my rimming archive.  If you find anything there that I haven’t tagged the face sitting in, lemme know.  Glad to hear you have such great taste.  ;)


21 July 4 Anonymous Permalink
Play your position.  Blow that rusty trombone!

Play your position.  Blow that rusty trombone!

Trey how many times have you done a double vag?

Countless times.  Well, not really.  Less than 100?  :-)

20 July 6 Anonymous Permalink
No need to post but right on about the DV man. My buddy and his wife ask me to do it about 2 years ago and I had my hang ups at first but I did it and the sex is unreal. It's like a weekly thing with them now. She cums like crazy and we do 2, always bareback brother. And he was was best friend for many years before but you are so right it creates this bond between us now, nothing gay or weird just a cool bond.

Fucking LOVE hearing this, bro.  FUCK yes.  Yep, that has been my experience as well.  When two buddies share in that intimate experience in such a vulnerable way, it only serves to bring them closer.  Naturally.  We would love to be able to take part in a viewing.  :-)


20 July 15 Anonymous Permalink
Trey: This is a great site and you obviously put a LOT of work into it so thank you t very much. I'm writing on an administrative issue to let you know that when I went to your page yesterday & today I got a Google Chrome warning that the site "3Wvporn(period)com" that may have something posted on your tumblr was a Malware site and I should proceed at my own risk. vporn does shows up on Google Chrome site as malware. I'd never seen this warning before so though I'd let you know.

Thanks for letting me know.  I just recently started using vporn as a tube site for some of the videos I post and yeah I think it’s coming from their site.  Pisses me off, because it’s not vporn, or xhamster or pornhub who gets the blame of people who come to this blog.  It’s my site that takes the blame.  And I would never purposefully put out malware.  It’s the porn sites who give us all the viruses.  There’s an STD joke in there somewhere.  But the porn… it just feels so good!  I. can’t. STOP!  ;)

In all seriousness, when browsing porn sites on the web, it is ALWAYS prudent to have very up-to-date virus and malware protection, as well as the latest security updates from your OS manufacturer.  Porn is the #1 activity on the web, so naturally, malicious people are going to use it to try and take advantage of the masses.  Please accept my apologies for any disturbance the videos here, hosted on the porn tube sites, may cause.  It’s sadly nothing I can change unless I figure out a way to self-host.  Thanks again for the heads-up.


20 July 2 Anonymous Permalink
Excellent words on double vag, Trey. How does double anal compare? For me, I am so drawn to double vag but dont really cinsider double anal. Not sure why that is.

Believe it or not, I actually have never done double anal.  I know.  Shocking.  In my experience, seemingly a lot of women aren’t even prepared to do single anal let alone DOUBLE lol.  Hmm.  I may need to see about making this happen.  I would imagine it would feel very similar to DV, but of course would require a SHIT TON more lube!  :-)

I’ll have to keep you guys posted over the next couple weeks.  Let’s see if I can’t make DA happen.  -trey

20 July 4 Anonymous Permalink
Best describe how double vag feels for the guys involved? Your my hero man.

I have been sitting here thinking about the best way to respond to this question for the probably the past hour.  It should be a no-brainer, but I don’t know that I have the vocabulary to adequately describe that feeling.  A feeling that is truly one of the best sexual experiences I’ve ever had.

I think part of what makes double vaginal so intense is the sheer intimacy and closeness of it.  The fact that two men are comfortable (as they should be) with having their cocks rub together inside of a pussy for the pleasure of the woman is fucking amazing to me.  The amount of pleasure for the woman during double vaginal is really out of this world.  And don’t get me wrong, there is certainly PLENTY of pleasure in it for the fellas too, even if they won’t admit it.

You likely already know what it feels like to fuck a vagina.  Now imagine not only is that vagina even tighter due to the fact that two dicks are simultaneously thrusting in and out of it (heightening the pleasure for you, btw), but there’s another hard, wet phallic object in there with you, rubbing against you and largely contributing to your pleasure as well.  It feels so tight, and the sensations, especially when done bareback, are mind-blowing.  If you know anything about the male genitalia, you may know that for many men, the fenulum (underside of the corona/head) is the most sensitive part of the penis.  Well, if you can envision the position of the men while doing DV, which part of the penis do you feel receives the most stimulation during DV?

And I know this is not you, but my hallucination is that some men are hung up on this act being “gay” so they pinch themselves off from this source of extreme sexual pleasure.  And my recommendation for a man like that would be to consider the notion that pleasure knows no orientation.  If you’re focused on homosexuality and the “gayness” of some sexual act, then many things, like DV, close proximity during threesomes, double blowjobs, etc. will be gay to you.  You will find some way to discredit it so that your view of sexuality cannot be challenged.  Psychiatrists refer to this as cognitive dissonance.  Your fucked up puritanical society is largely culpable here. 

Anyway, kinda went off on a little tangent right there, sorry about that haha.  All that to say double vaginal sex feels fucking amazing.  Goddamn incredible.  I wouldn’t leave this life, this journey, this planet without having experienced it… men AND women.  I mean seriously, what the fuck are you waiting on?!  You ain’t gettin’ any younger, are you?  Most the guys I’ve done DV with only last a few minutes.  ESPECIALLY if it’s their first time LOL.  Hashtag true story.  Always makes for some great sloppy seconds for me to use as lube.  Ask yourself, “if I knew DV was the GREATEST sexual pleasure I could have, would I still NOT be doing it?”  If the answer to that is NO, then figure out how to make dat shit happen PRONTO, my friend!


20 July 88 Anonymous Permalink

I love a good orgy.

Love the series of oily massage gifs! Have you ever tried fucking in the position of the fourth pic down in the that set. When you're lying face down you bend your dick up between your legs past your ass. She sits like in the picture and rides you. Great for some quick in-and-out before the main event. ;)

Oh wow that’s kind of hot.  I’ll take your word on that position actually being doable, so I trust you’ve in fact successfully acted it out.  Looks like one must have to be decently hung to make that one work, too.  Thanks for the tip; gonna give that a shot!  -trey


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Nice facial


Nice facial


Two of my favorite swordsmen are featured in this insanely hot and brief Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature with an INCREDIBLE friendly fire cumshot, thanks to Ramon shooting his wad onto Mick’s arm (on the right).  You’re welcome.


Holy FUCKING shit!  Toni and Nacho fuck the SHIT out of Tiffany Mynx here in this AMAZING double vaginal Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature!  This is how DV should be done!

All that moaning!  Sexy!


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