Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire

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If you don’t like ***ROUGH PORN*** then I wouldn’t watch this one.  But if you do, jump right into the middle of a reverse cowgirl DP right at the beginning.  A ball slapping cowgirl DP begins at ~3:00.  And it’s pretty much just DP city from here-on-out.  Some really intense DP in here. 

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This is the kind of shit I’m talkin’ about.  Naked bodies and dicks everywhere ready to fuck willing holes.  2 Italian girls don’t make a single guy wrap up and take their loads in their pussies and on their faces.  Oh… and a dude cums on her mouth and then kisses her at 61:55.  No big deal.  Enjoy!

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I previously posted an abbreviated version of this incredible interracial MFM Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature starring the incomparable Veronica Avluv, and I’m pleased to present to you the full version in all its glory.  Let’s begin at the 4:00 mark, shall we?  At 6:00 we see Veronica unveil Wesley’s famous anaconda and begin to fellate it.  And look how she handles the balls!  Bitch is a PRO.

Rico joins the party after about 7:00, and I’m just praying for this poor white girl’s orifices right now.  Doubleheader blowjob at 11:00.  “Take your time.  Put both of ‘em in there.”  “You like that, white woman?"  LMAO… Wesley is never verbally shy in a scene, is he? 

My favorite part… the wishbone DP kicks off at 21:15.  Holy FUCK!  Those huge black dicks inside her white holes just takes this position to a whole new stratosphere, doesn’t it?  GOD.  DAMN!  I forgot how hot this was.  Cowgirl DP @ 29:36.  Notice the ball slapping throughout.  Cum first flies at about 38:50.

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