Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire

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Where does your friend at blowbang sluts find such well endowed guys? These guys are packing and not shy about about a bit of bromance. Love it.

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I know right!?!  Isn’t it fucking great!?!  The guy who’s on the right in the pic below he found through a referral from me; he’s just a bad ass FFollower of FY!FF.  And now he’s a porn hero.  No big deal.  :)  The other guy, affectionately known here as “horse cock,” reached out to him via twitter.  It can be hard to find reliable guys who can get and keep it up as well as shoot incredible loads, and Kyle’s got a good little group going, I think, wouldn’t you agree?


I wish there was a cheat code for my dick and I could have unlimited jizz. I would jizz for a month non stop to your blog. I'd need a boat, but fuck it. lol

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LMAO!  You really could spend that amount of times deep in the archive of this blog.  It’s soon to be THREE years deep, so there are countless hours of hot smut for your fapping pleasure.  FEAST!  ENJOY!

@KattLowden returns to BlowBang Sluts for one helluva blowbang.  Stay tuned to FY!FF for the exclusive video release!

Live in or near the Los Angeles., California area?  Want to be in this hot amateur series?  E-mail me at trey [at] fyfriendlyfire [dot] com and I’ll make an introduction.  Serious inquiries only.

Sometimes FF can be hard to catch.  The slow-mo friendly fire cumshot that happens at about 9:15 is almost hard to discern.  Watch carefully at 9:20 to see a glob of cum hit the guy on the left’s leg.  It’s difficult to see at first, but you see some cum drop from his thigh.  Before that, a some cum hits his cock head from his buddy.

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This is an old clip… I think I’ve even posted variations of this clip in the past… but nevertheless, it’s hot.  Some of my favorite things:  German, bareback, blonde, creampie, gangbang.  Wank on, my friends!


I honestly don’t know what I would do without my German porn.  I could just cry… And I’m just sayin… the one dude who wore a condom should’ve been asked to leave.  Dafuq he there for!?

If you guys aren’t already, you definitely should follow gbvid for some of the absolute HOTTEST gangbang videos on the net!  Chris does an outstanding job scouring the net for the hottest gangbang material, so check him out.

Kinky Italian porn.  Double handjob and blowjob at 8:15.  Double tit suck @ 12:56.  Finger proximity @ 14:56.  And 21:18.  Fucklicking at ~26:56.  Actually that’s more like bush licking, really.  Hmm.  Cowgirl DP @ 30:25.  There’s some pretty clear deliberate touching going on around 32:30.  This dude’s got a thing for finger proximity.  Really nice reverse cowgirl DP kicks off around 34:20.  UNF!

Link for mobile.