Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire

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Glossary of Terms

friendly fire - a term describing when two (or more) straight men accidentally shoot cum on each other while fucking a woman.

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sloppy seconds - the act of fucking a woman right after the previous guy, or guys have cum inside her, using their cum as the lubricant! Although the term may be used to describe both vaginal and anal intercourse with a male or female, it is traditionally used to describe vaginal intercourse.  (Sometimes described as ‘double dipping’)

sloppy seconds creampie porn

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King of Clubs - a sexual position where two men lie facing one-another on their backs with their legs criss-crossed, and pelvises parallel in an effort for a third person to have easy access to double suck or fuck both their cocks.  This position derives its name from the image displayed on the playing card of the same name.  This is also sometimes referred to as the ‘scissor position.’

king of clubs scissor position mmf dp cocks double penetration

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Jousting - an act when the tips of two men’s cocks touch, or when the two cocks slap against one another during a blowjob or sex.  Also referred to as ‘sword fighting.'  Not to be confused with a double barrel blowjob (see below).  

cocks jousting blowjob mmf porn

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Double Barrel Blowjob - A blowjob involving two cocks being sucked at the same time, particularly when the two cocks being sucked are completely (or very close to) next to one another and parallel, for example, in the King of Clubs position.  Think about what barrels of a double-barrel shotgun look like up next to one another, hence the name for this sexual act.

double barrel blowjob

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Proximity - a term used to describe a portion of a porn scene where two (or more) straight male actors come into close contact with one another’s body or genitals in a way separate from simply pleasing the woman (ex: double penetration doesn’t count for “proximity.”), that can be perceived as homoerotic.  Examples include: 1 guy fingering a pussy while another guy fucks her in the ass, a guy holding a girl’s mouth open while another guy is preparing to cum in her mouth, or forcing the girl to suck another guy’s cock by pushing her head down on it, a guy eating out a pussy while another guy fucks her from behind, the Double Doggy Style position (see below), etc.

straight male-male proximity eating out a pussy while another guy fucks her

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Double Doggy Style (Double Penetration) - The Double Doggy Style position has recently seen increased exposure in MFM and gangbang porn scenes.  In group sex involving at least two guys and one girl, the girl gets in doggy style position while two guys fuck her from behind.  It is a position that allows for a lot of homoerotic body contact between the two men - namely the butt of the guy in front (in her ass) and the stomach/lower abdomen of the guy behind (in her pussy).
The guy in front is in a very submissive position - he is usually crouched over the woman - and his butt and his balls are exposed in the back - it is sometimes hard for the guy approaching to put his cock in the girl’s pussy to avoid the other guy’s balls - and when he looks down he sees nothing but the other guy’s butt and back.  It can be performed in normal DP style, or in double vaginal penetration (DVP) or double anal penetration (DAP) style.  Also rarely referred to as ‘froggy doggy style.

Double Doggy DP double penetration

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Felching - the act of eating one’s own, or someone else’s cum/creampie out of a pussy or ass.

felching felch creampie eating

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Triple Penetration -A sex act wherein a woman is fucked by 3 men at the same time.  The cocks can be positioned in various combinations, though 2 in the pussy & 1 in the ass is most common.  The triple penetration position is a combination of a regular double penetration and the double doggy DP.  This is often confused with an ‘airtight seal,' in which all 3 orifices of a woman are separately filled with a man's cock.

triple penetration porn 3P TP

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Pegging -The heterosexual act of a woman fucking a man with a strap-on.  Pegging is a very erotic and kinky act that often helps the man achieve intense orgasms otherwise unachievable, due in large part to the prostate gland being stimulated by the strap-on.  It requires the man be very secure in himself and willing to be vulnerable and submissive to the woman.

pegging strap-on strapon girl fucking guy

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Fucklicking - the act of performing cunnilingus or analingus on a person who is being penetrated during sex.

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Swordsman - a male porn star (also referred to as ‘Woodsman.’)

Near miss cumshot - Wikipedia defines a ‘near miss' as an unplanned event that did not result in injury, illness, or damage – but had the potential to do so.  In the friendly fire genre, we refer to a near miss cumshot as one that almost hits another swordsman (i.e. friendly fire), but slightly misses contact.

Near Miss Cumshot

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Frottage - this term originated to mean the act of rubbing one’s genitals on another person (i.e. ‘dry humping’), or inanimate objects, and has since evolved to additionally mean the acting of rubbing one cock against another cock in order to incite orgasm or pleasure.  During double barrel blowjobs, the men are ‘frotting’ their cocks while being sucked.

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Fap/Fapping - originating from Japanese comics, the word ‘fap' represents the sound made during masturbation.  It is also often used to suggest something/someone that is attractive.  Fapping has evolved to be a synonym for masturbation.

Dualingus - the act of two people simultaneously performing cunnilingus or analingus, or both on another person.  Ex: two guys eating the same pussy together.

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Lucky hand - When one man is fucking an ass or pussy with his cock, and another man sticks his fingers into either orifice at the same time, creating an extremely erotic proximity-intensive experience for all parties.

Cake - Ass.  Quite simply, “cake" means ass.  Your ass cheeks = cakes.  "Cake" is a term used on FY!FF when a video highlights a man’s backside during fucking.  This is pretty rare in straight porn, as most directors and cameramen zoom in on the action, focusing as little as possible on displaying the male ass.  See: Rihanna ft. Chris Brown - Birthday Cake (remix).

Is there a term that should be here that I forgot?  Let me know by shooting me a message on the Ask page.

Last Updated: 10/21/2014