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Guide to Double Penetration Positions

You may be asking yourself, how do you do double penetration?  And ultimately, what are the different types of double penetration positions?  This was what I asked myself when I first started to create Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire, and I began to recognize all the different types of double penetration positions in the various videos I was reviewing.  I wanted a way to group all the different types of kinky double penetration positions, and I found a need for a name for many of these positions.  Some of the kinky DP positions had been named by DP enthusiasts on other websites, blogs, and forums, and most hadn’t been, so I took to google to search for the different types of DP positions.  What I found was that there was no definitive source for this sort of information for porn and DP enthusiasts like myself.  So, in an attempt to do my part to save humanity, one kink at a time, find below some of the officially named various types of double penetration positions.

Cowgirl DP
There are two versions of what’s commonly referred to simply as “double penetration" or "standard double penetration.”  The first is the Cowgirl DP, in which the female ("penetratee") is mounted on the male ("anchor") below while they face one another in the cowgirl position.  The second penetrator ("top man") then has easy access to penetrate the female’s ass from behind.

cowgirl double penetration, cowgirl DP
Cowgirl DP
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Reverse Cowgirl DP
The second of the two “standard DP” positions is the Reverse Cowgirl DP.  The men stay in the same place as in the cowgirl version; the only difference here is the woman is flipped in the reverse cowgirl position so that her back is to the anchor and she faces out toward the top man.

reverse cowgirl double penetration, reverse cowgirl DP
Reverse Cowgirl DP
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Doggy Style DP
Perhaps one of the most homoerotic and increasingly popular of the “kinky DP positions" is the Doggy Style DP, or double doggy / double doggy style.  In this position, both men are penetrating the woman from behind, with one in the more submissive position crouched over the woman with his ass and balls exposed in back.  The second penetrator has easy access to the pussy of the woman, all the while with a view of the top man’s backside.  This is a position that allows for a lot of contact between the two men; namely the ass of the guy penetrating her ass up top, and the the abdomen of the guy in the back penetrating her pussy.  Nacho Vidal and Hakan Serbes are often credited with the surge in popularity of this position after they brought it into the mainstream in my favorite porn scene of all time, from Face / Dance Obsession.

doggy style double penetration, doggy style DP
Doggy Style DP
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Missionary DP
A DP position very similar to the doggy style DP, and equally as homoerotic, is the missionary DP.  In missionary double penetration, the two men in this position are basically in the same place as in the double doggy, however the woman is turned around facing towards the men in the missionary position.  One man is in the more submissive position, crouched over the woman while fucking her pussy with his ass and balls exposed to the rear where the second man is positioned to fuck the female’s ass.

missionary double penetration, missionary DP
Missionary DP
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King of Clubs DP
The king of clubs position is probably my favorite of all sex positions.  As mentioned in the FY!FF Glossary, the king of clubs position is “a sexual position where two men lie facing one-another on their backs with their legs criss-crossed, and pelvises parallel in an effort for a third person to have easy access to double suck or fuck both their cocks."  Therefore, when you add a double penetration with the king of clubs position, you get the king of clubs DP.  Most often, you’ll see this hot DP position performed double anally or double vaginally.  Because of this kinky position’s inherently homoerotic nature, both male performers will have to be completely comfortable in their sexualities (or curious to explore them) in order for this position to go off without a hitch, as the inevitable ball slap fest and frottage will be unavoidable.

king of clubs double penetration, king of clubs DP
King of Clubs DP
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Spooning DP
A somewhat rare, yet very intimate and sexy DP position is the spooning DP.  In this position, the woman lies on her side, with two men lying on both sides of her while penetrating her.  It derives its name from the term “to spoon,” where two partners lie front to back, fitting together like spoons.  Similarly to the king of clubs DP, the spooning DP is less strenuous on the male performers, as it provides a way to achieve double penetration without as much energy exhausted as other DP positions.

spooning double penetration, spooning DP
Spooning DP
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Cradle DP
Often referred to as the “standing DP,” the cradle DP gets its name from the fact that the two men are cradling the woman in their arms while they stand and penetrate her.  The parties to the double penetration are essentially situated in the same way as the spooning DP, only they are positioned vertically instead of horizontally.

cradle double penetration, cradle dp, standing double penetration, standing dp
Cradle DP

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Piledriver DP
Often one of the more challenging of the DP positions to achieve is the piledriver DP, or “double piledriver.”  This position is more challenging to complete because of the mechanics involved not allowing much room for the men to easily penetrate the necessary orifices.  The woman lies with her shoulders on the ground, ass and pussy straight up in the air.  The two men face one another and penetrate her holes together in a downward vertical motion, similarly to a piledriver machine driving piles into the soil.

piledriver DP, piledriver double penetration, double piledriver
Piledriver DP

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Reverse Piledriver DP
One of the rarest and most homoerotic of double penetration positions is the reverse piledriver DP, or “reverse double piledriver.”  As you might suspect, this position is very similar to the piledriver DP, and the woman is positioned in the same way.  Only this time, instead of facing one another, the men reverse with their asses facing one another, often giving this position the nickname, “butt-to-butt DP,” or “ass-to-ass DP.”  The men are typically hunched over while they pile drive their cocks into her holes, often coming into direct contact with one another’s asses, so the men that perform this position need not have any hangups with male-male proximity.

reverse piledriver dp, reverse piledriver double penetration, reverse double piledriver, butt-to-butt dp, ass-to-ass dp
Reverse Piledriver DP

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Sidesaddle DP
We’re starting to see more and more of this less-common DP position, wherein one man and the woman lie on their sides with him penetrating her.  While they are in this lying sideways position, a second man straddles both of their bodies with one of his legs in order to go in for the sidesaddle DP, deriving its name from the equestrian term “riding sidesaddle.”  There are several slight variations to how the men are situated in this position, however all will require a bit of male-male proximity and contact.

sidesaddle dp, sidesaddle double penetration
Sidesaddle DP

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Wishbone DP
One of our newest-discovered double penetration positions is the wishbone DP.  Typically the way this position is achieved is the woman bends over in doggy style position (but she can also be lying on her back as well) while two men stand behind her, side by side, and simultaneously penetrate her holes.  Because of mechanics involved, this position can be tough to successfully achieve unless both men are well-hung and are very comfortable with male-male proximity, as one or both sometimes has to put an arm around the other, bromance style, in order to make room for both to fit in the DP.  The wishbone DP's name comes from its similarity in appearance to a wishbone.

wishbone dp, wishbone double penetration
Wishbone DP

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Southern Exposure DP
This double penetration position is one of our most recently discovered, and though it’s not seen very often, FUCK is it a good one!  To achieve the southern exposure double penetration, whose name we derived from a threesome position described by Ask Men, man A begins by lying on his back.  The woman rides on top of him, facing away from him in reverse cowgirl position, so that her ass is facing his face.  To complete this DP, man B crouches over them both in order to penetrate her from behind, giving man A, who’s lying down, a clear view of his buddy pounding her hole as they fuck her together.

southern exposure dp, southern exposure double penetration
Southern Exposure DP

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Northern Exposure DP
As you might imagine from its name, this position is very similar to the southern exposure DP, only flipped.  This DP position is even more rare than the southern exposure DP, and one we’ve only seen it performed a couple of times thus far.  To complete the northern exposure DP,  man A lies on his back with the woman mounting his cock while facing him and leaning back.  At this point, both man A and the woman are essentially lying on their backs while he penetrates her.  Finally, man B straddles man A so that he can mount the woman and begin the double penetration.  The ass of man B is right in eye sight of man A, so this is another one of those positions that is going to require both men be completely comfortable with their sexualities and male-male proximity.  When completed, it looks like one of the most fun of all the DP positions!   

northern exposure DP, northern exposure double penetration
Northern Exposure DP

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